Modern Girl’s Guide to Hair Clips for Different Occasions

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Modern Girl’s Guide to Hair Clips for Different Occasions

It is a rare occurrence to see the hottest fashion and beauty trendexhibiting all the qualities of being functional, elegant, affordableand sassyat the same time. But in the case of hair clips,the scenario is different because they offer all these distinct qualities at the same time. Quite magical, eh?

And what if we break it to you that hairclips have made an exciting comeback? Yes, you read it right. Fashionistas, as well as traditional womencan’t ignore 90’s hair accessories anytime. Therefore, designersand models are more than ever busy in putting on display the hair clips, hair barrettes, hairpins, and headbands.

The comeback is not a mere incident, but it was the versatility of hair clipsthat were dearly missed, and now they are back in action. Therefore, it was high time we guided modern women to help them use hair clipsand Barrettes in the chicest way.

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So, if you also love hair clips or are eager to give them a go, make sure you read this article till the end. Ever since hairclips started hitting markets again, there has been a lot of improvements and diversity among them. Now, countless designs, materials, sizes and colours are at your disposal. Hair clips are no longer only an accessory for parties only or merely holding your hair in one place; instead, they have become all-inclusive. That means you can use hair clips to embellish your hairstyle for all types of events and occasions.

And the best part is that they won’t cost you a fortune. These are one of the most affordable hair accessories. The following are some easy and workable ways to wear hair clips like a modern female and rock every event. Let’s have a look.

Hair Clips for Business Casual

One of the leading accessory designers Michael Kors is of the view that accessories are the exclamation point of any girl’s outfit. And he seems to make a lot of sense here. Modern-day women have to take care of each and every aspect while dressing up. For a working woman, getting the right hairdo is one of the biggest problems when they get up in the morning.

And that is the reason the majority of the women have a go-to hairstyle that doesn’t eat up much time to create. It can be any hairstyle like a bun, top knot or just straightening. For those women, hair clips are no less than a blessing. Hair clips do not take a sizeable chunk of your precious time, and you can just simply attach them to your hair in two minutes to create something new.

So, if you have straight, curly or wavy hair, employ a metallic bobby pin or hair barrette at the point where your hair part. It is when you’re wearing them down. Moreover, you can also decorate your straight hair by attaching a clip at both sides or only one side of the part. 

You can also place some smaller or tiny hair clips and bobby pins right above the ear to create a more subtle look. And if you have thick, voluminous or curly hair, bigger hair clips and barrettes would do the trick for you. Although these are small details, yet they will do wonders for your looks.

And if you have a knack for more of a fashion statement look, you can always be creative to use a large clip or banana clip at one side of your hair. Gathering your hair at behind your head and securing it with a large hair clip or barrette will not be a bad idea either.

Some women prefer buns or ponytails as well to wear a sleek look. For those women, adding a hair clip instead of a ponytail holder or bun holder will transform their look instantly. That’s cheeky, isn’t it? Clipping your ponytail and bun with a clip or barrette will also allow you to make a match or contrast with your hair and that is something hair elastics lack entirely. 

Many women tend to have a liking for sophistication instead of following raw fashion trends. And to find hair accessories for mature women is not a child’s play in this contemporary fashion world. Those women can get their desired sophisticated look by getting their hands on pearl or Swarovski crystals-details hair accessories. This will allow them to get a more grown-up feeling without compromising on style. For a more sophisticated or elegant look, get your hands-on pearl-detailed hair accessories.

Here are some perfect hair clips for Business Casual.

black hair barrette

bow hair barrette

swarovski hair barrette

beige hair barrette

Hair Clips to Look Chic and Girly

The office is only 9-5, so what about the rest of the time? Do hairclips offer something for that as well? Absolutely, yes! That is what hair clips are crafted for. If you are a girl and want to showcase your personality, or you are a mom with toddlers, or you are a mature woman and want to look younger and energetic, take advantage of hairclips to cover it all for you.

So, when you are out and about for shopping, heading to brunch or catching up with your friends, hair clips are here to add a unique flair to your looks. They will complement your casual look and make it more appealing without requiring a lot of money, time and effort. In short, your Instagram pictures are going to be lit.

To enjoy the perks of hair clips for a girly and stylish look, make use of the layered hairdo. All you need to do is fold your hair at one side and make it firm with single or multiple hair clips arranged one after the other. There are no restrictions for colours and designs in this look because everything looks go well with a casual and bolder look. 

You can also add a braid or twist to your charming persona by pinning it with a large hair barrette or hair claw clip. Would you rather go for numerous small clips? Sure, why not? This combo will surely impart an easy-going yet modern look.

Be bold enough to match or mix accessories to break the stereotypical style rules. Break free from same old traditional hairstyles and let your hair speak for themselves and you as well. You can do that by tying your hair behind the head using a scarf and attaching any loose hair clips of your choice. You can also add bobby pins to improve the outcome. This hairstyling technique will help you steer clear of over-styling and make the hair clips speak on your behalf.

Here are some idea hair clips to look chic and girly.

green hair barrette

white hair barrette

beige large hair barrette

Hair Clips for Edgy and Cool look

Who wouldn’t want to look cool when looking cool is considered the best thing around? Hairclips are versatile enough to help you achieve this milestone as well. When it comes to the edgy and relaxed look, slogan barrettes and statement clips come into play.

Therefore, if you are tired of wearing heart on your sleeve, it is time to put your feeling on your hair. Statement clips are perfect to become the trendiest girl around. And the best part is that you can get customized statement clips to make them display whatever message you want.

Another way to look edgier is by sporting the crystals-encrusted clips with your motto jacket. Be creative while pinning these clips and try them out on different places such as into the straight hair, side of the bun, or on the top of your ponytail.

And if you want to turn the volume of your personality up and let the world see the crazy side of yours, go for hair extensions to get enhanced length and volume. This activity will help you play with textures and colours. Keep experimenting with them because there is nothing wrong finding the best version of yourself.

Best hair clips for an edgy look:

blue hair barrette

swarovski ponytail

tokyo hair barrette

tortoise shell hair barrette

Hair Clips for A Romantic Date

It would be extremely unfair if we did not guide you on how to make the best out of hairclips for a date night with your partner or potential lover. The general rule of thumb for a date night is that simpler is sexier. Many women anticipate date night the wrongs way and get their selves decorated from head to toe.

Less do they realize that this way, they are trying to impress their date by material things and not by their natural personality. Therefore, just add a fancy metallic clip or a barrette to your wavy hair at one side of your face. Make sure that the hair clip is in line with your overall get up.

To get a more feminine look, you can opt for a more embellished barrette or a stylish claw clip. Moreover, since the date night is all about having a great time with your partner, experimenting with your look a bit won’t hurt anything. And one way of doing that is by twisting your hair at the back of your head and making them secure with a metallic clip.

Make sure you go through this hairstyling guide to look best at Date Night if you want to make it a success.

beige hair barrette

blue hair barrette

black hair barrette

Hair Clips for Wedding

And how can we forget hair clips for a wedding? Weddings are the ideal occasions to put on display your best shot at looking all dressed up. Therefore, there are countless decorative clips from the bridal fashion range that you can make use of. Who said only brides and bride maids have a right on them? Just make sure the luxurious hair barrette or clips go well with your overall look, and you are all set to rock the wedding.

And if you are lucky enough to be the bride at the wedding, then go for floral clips to complement the veil. Otherwise, you can take the second route by entirely replacing it with something out of the box. You can also change your hairdo and hair accessories after the formal ceremony when it is time to celebrate. For that, you can use the clip switch to transform your classic look into edgier one instantly.

Hair extensions are not a bad idea either since it is the big day for the bride, and she deserves to look better than the rest of the women. Hair extensions help under such circumstances to create a voluminous updo, fuller curls or to simply add some extra length. Once done, hair clips can assist a great deal while styling the hair to make the bride look seamlessly and exquisitely pretty. The bridal hair clips are do not restrict themselves to weddings only. You can make use of them on many festive occasions and parties afterwards, so, it is not a bad deal to spend generously on luxurious hair clips and barrettes.

Some hair clips for wedding are:

wedding hair barrette

wedding hair barrette

wedding hair barrette

Tips for Clips

Following tips are specific for hair clips and will come handy.

  • Placement:

Placement is crucial when it comes to hair clips. They must be inserted in a manner to highlight the cheekbones and eyes. This can be done by adding them above the ear or the lower side part.

  • Multiple clips

Don’t be scared when it comes to using multiple clips. More than one clip means more embellishment coupled with more secure hair. Make it count.

  • You are the centre of attention

Although hair clips are there to stand out, that doesn’t mean they should suppress your personality. Instead, they should complement it. Hence, make sure you place them correctly and scatter a couple of decorative clips to equalize styling elements.

  • Be kind to your hair

Your hair an asset, treat them like that. That means to use the right quality products that ensure the safety of your hair. Also, always go for skin-friendly hair barrettes and clips to avoid nickel allergy.

  • Be Creative and Have Fun

Hair clips are fun accessories, and you should make them a source of happiness. Always try out youthful ideas such as pairing hair clips with denims or wearing the hairclip and dress of the same colour and texture to enjoy your creativity.

Final Thoughts

The times have changed now, and it is becoming more and more relevant for modern women to stay aware of the changing fashion trends readily. In the competition to look better than the other women, your best shot is to become a trendsetter instead of a follower. These hair accessories and tips will come handy in this regard. Let women look up to you as a role model in hairstyling trends before it is too late, and these hair accessories are already out of stock.

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