About hair headbands

A headband ( bandeau in French) is a accessory that has 2 main purposes – hair decoration  or hold hair away. There is also 3rddirection – medical, however, we will not focus in this article on it. In the article we will try to cover what type of headbands exists, is it possible to buy a headband online without measuring it in store, when the headbands first were used, is it better to choose a handmade headband or machine made and much more!

A history of headbands

First known and confirmed use of headbands similar to what we have nowadays was as early as 5thage BC in the ancient Greeks and Romans. They wore these headbands more for decoration purpose rather than functional and only on very special occasions. It is believed that actually the first headbands was invented much earlier, but there is no found and confirmed evidence of that yet.

pictures of ancient headbands

ancient headband1

ancient headband2

ancient headband3

Handmade headband v.s machine made 

When customers buy headbands in-store its easy to show, explain, give to try on the headband and then customers can decide on their own if they prefer handmade or machine made headband. It’s a little more difficult when customers want to buy headbands online. What is more, the shape and size is not the same of every person even in one country, not to mention when we compare people from different continents. All headband manufacturers (ourselves as well) try to make headbands as universal as possible and we are close to it, but never 100 %. In order to help you decide better – which headband – machine made or handmade is better for you, we will detail first what are the advantages of machine made and then – handmade ones:

Advantages of machine made headbands

1)  they are always cheaper

2)  it doesn’t change its shape after you wear it (material it is made of is harder)

3)  machine made headbands are more suitable for sports activity – because material is harder – it holds your hair tighter 

4)  if headband has intense contact with sunlight, its much less likely to loose it’s shape 

here are some pictures and video to show how machine made headbands looks like

machine made headband 1  machine made headband 2

machine made headband 3 machine made headband

model with headband 1 model with headband 2

model with headband 3 model with headband 4

Advantages of handmade headbands

1)  the material used for handmade headbands – acetate is much more soft and pleasant to touch and wear

2)  as the material of handmade headbands is softer it has a great flexibility. When you first try the handmade headband and if it seems a little bit too tight – it doesn’t mean it will feel so for long. Acetate has a tendency to “adopt” its shape when heated, thus when you put your new handmade headband on and wear it for a few hours – it gets a heat from your head and it slowly adopts to the shape of your head and it becomes more and more comfortable as you wear it. Sometimes, if you wear it for a prolonged time in direct contact with sunlight – it might becomes a little too loose, then you can try leaving it for a night and test the next day if it returned to a suitable shape – if its still too loose, you can immerse it for 5 minutes into warm (40 degree Celsius or 104 Fahrenheit) water, take it out and bend it a little to get it more tight again).  You don’t have a chance in braking it, because the material is very flexible. This is very useful if you want to buy your headband online – even though it won’t fit you 100 %, it will adopt to your size quickly and it can become the most comfortable headband you have ever tried!

3)  Handmade material acetate is up to 95 % made of natural ingredients like wood and cotton, thus is much more ecological and environmentally friendly

4)  The texture of handmade headband is always much more beautiful , because pigments are infused inside it rather than sprayed and varnished on top of it, thus even after wearing your headband for a prolonged time – it won’t loose its beauty

5)  Machine made headbands has the injection marks, that some customers find not very pretty, handmade headbands are made in completely different method, thus not to mention they don’t have such marks, they are also all very smooth and silky touch.

6)  If you want to buy headband not only to hold your hair, but also to have it as a clothing accessory – your choice definitely has to be a handmade headband. The way how they are made, material that is used to make them and decorations that is added – it makes handmade headbands hair jewelry. We use original Swarovski® crystals, Genuine earth stones to decorate our handmade headbands, so it is a perfect gift for you or someone else.


Some pictures and video too see handmade headband from closer, to see its flexibility and texture of acetate

handmade headband handmade headband 2

handmade headband 3 handmade headband 3

handmade headband 5 handmade headband 6

handmade headband 7 handmade headband 8

To sum up, we gave different facts to consider before purchasing your headband online. If you need a piece of hair accessory to hold your hair while you jog, work at the garden or home – definitely go for a  and if you find yourself in situation, where you want to have a beautiful accessory to wear it in your work, in the party, to match it with your tortoise shell or Tokyo eye-frames or you simply want  that you headband would buy enough intelligent to adopt to the shape of your head – definitely buy handmade headband!