Article about hair jaw clips and jaws

In the article we will try to explain what kind of hair accessory it is, when it is used, which hair claw kinds exist, how they are different from one another, what are the difference between hand made and machine made hair claw and of course, which hair claw should you choose when buying online. 

There are many different names for different kind of hair accessories, and when it comes to the hair claw clips – there are as many names as you can dream of. Before we continue, we would like to include a few pictures of hair jaws, so that it is very clear about what kind of hair accessories we are writing:

Pictures of hair jaws and claw-clips

large hair jaw medium hair jaw large hair jaw with swarovski

So, now, when it is clear what piece of hair item we have in mind, lets continue with the names that are popular to call actually the same item, among the most popular ones are:

  • Claw clip
  • Hair jaw
  • Hair crocodile
  • Pince (its in French, but many nations use it even in English or Spanish language)

As the most popular name for this type of hair accessory is hair jaw, we will use this term in the rest of the article. 

Hair jaw history, purpose and how it is used today

Hair jaw, in opposite to hair accessories like headband, hair barrette, hair pins – is quite new type in hair decoration range, because of its complexity to make it. It has not only the jaws, but also the part that hold it together and spring to keep the hair jaw closed. They were invented on 20thcentury and are loved by ones with long hair since then. 

There are many different ways, how you can style your hair with a jaw clip. The longer is your hair, the more styling options you would have. It doesn’t matter if you have thick, thin or afro hair – you can style any type of hair, the only thing is to choose the right jaw clip to fix right amount of hair.  There are many hair styles that you can do just in minutes with a right hair jaw  and we would like to show you some of the hair styles that is possible to make literally in minutes:

Style hair bun with large hair jaw

Style hair ponytail with large hair jaw

Style hair bun with small hair jaw

There are many other ways, how you can style you hair using this kind of hair accessories, the only limitation is your imagination! When styling your hair with small hair jaws, usually you might need 2-4 of them to make any style you want – to fix your hair in a few pieces, and if you style your hair with large hair jaw– then usually one is enough.  Currently KOSMART® carry 4 main sizes in the range and we are developing 2 new sizes at the moment. The 4 existing sizes are:

1)  extra small hair jaw (XS). 

extra small hair jaw clip extra small hair jaw clip 2

2)  small hair jaw (S)

small tokyo color hair jaw clip small tokyo color hair jaw clip

3)  medium hair jaw (M)

medium size beige color hair jaw clip medium size beige color hair jaw clip 2 medium size beige color hair jaw clip swarovski

4)  large hair jaw (L)

large size pink color hair jaw clip swarovski large size pink color hair jaw clip swarovski 2 large size pink color hair jaw clip swarovski 3
Soon we will add to our range medium plus size and extra large size.

Hand made hair jaws vs. machine made 

There are actually 3 main groups of hair jaws (in terms how they are made). 

The first one is 100 % machine made hair jaws. They are made by injection molding machine – 2 parts of jaws are injected already with all its parts and then they are assembled by hand with a metal spring that holds 2 pieces together and gives a hold to keep it closed. After words they are colored with desired color and varnished to protects their color.  

Second one is semi-machine made hair jaws. They are the combination of machine made and hand made items. The most difficult part of hand made items are to bend each part by hand – and this stage is eliminated in this way of making hair jaws, because the teeth of hair jaw are made by injection molding and the “body” parts of claws are hand made, then they are all glued together. They usually look more beautiful than 100 % machine made, because half of the hair claw has silky touch and beautiful color, but you can still see the injection molded teeth as well.

And finally, 100 % hand made hair jaws.Yes, this is the group that we love most. They are so beautiful, aren’t they? When manufacturing handmade hair jaws we have 0 compromise to the issue of quality. They require many difficult steps in producing them – to begin with hand making of cellulose acetate sheets, polishing them, cutting in pieces, bending one by one, polishing in wooden chips, washing, hand polishing and so on and on. Until we have a finest piece of hair jewelry. There are many advantages when it comes to hand made jaws and they are not only in terms of beauty. For example, the teeth of hand made jaws are hand polished, without any sharp edges, knots or other barriers, where you hair might entangle or be cut. Hair slide through the hand made hair jaw flawlessly, without a chance of damaging it. While the machine made hair claw might have a marks of injection printing and hair can sometimes be damaged when you close your hair in it. Another strong advantage is that hand made hair jaws are made of precious bio – plastic that is called cellulose acetate – it is mainly made of natural ingredients like woods and cotton and it is the most environmentally friendly bio plastic that is used to create hair jaws. It is also infused with natural color pigments inside it rather than coloring it on top – thus the color will never fade away of it. It also makes each piece unique, because its like the amber with inclusions – each piece has slightly different texture. Not to mention that hand made hair jaws are usually hand encrusted with Swarovski® crystals or earth natural precious stones to give them even more luxurious look. Hand made hair jaws are also often 3D engraved to give a special ornaments. Just take a minute to look how the acetate is made to understand how unique it is:

To sum up, there is no definite answer when it comes in choosing which hair jaw buying online is the best choice. Ones, who like changing their hair style and hair accessories as much as outfit or who need a technical piece of hair jaw to keep hair in place – buying a machine made hair jaw might be the right choice, and the ones the like classic style, “slow” fashion, who are keen on precision and details – might want to buy the hand made hair jaw. When our customers are lost in the range, we often ask them – how many eye frames did you buy in past 5 years – it usually answers the question which hair claw – hand made or machine made should you buy!