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We would be more than happy to send you a selection of our newest or trending collection for your evaluation. There is nothing more important than honest and open opinion about our products from fashion industry influencers - YOU! 

The history of our hair accessories production roots back to 1976, when the business belonged to Italian family, to whom we are extremely grateful for ongoing support and delivering us “know-how”. Now our family company is continuing their work in a larger scale with global introduction of KOSMARTbrand, while collaborating with global fashion leaders like Swarovski® company. All our KOSMARTrange is made in Europe.

KOSMART™ hair accessories are made of special bio-plastic, which is up to 95 % made of wood and cotton and metal parts that we use are made in France and they are nickel-free. We use only original crystals from Swarovski® and each item comes with authentic seal that proves it. All items are hand made and hand polished to the finest precision. KOSMART™ is constantly developing new features that accessories would be not only beautiful, but practical as well: our hair barrettes has special insert, which creates non-slip effect and hair is not damaged between metal – you can wear barrette all day long without slipping it down, our hair jaws has a cover spring mechanism that your hair or skin would not touch the metal part and much more inventions are coming soon!  

KOSMART™ in 2018 signed a contract with Swarovski Gemstones and at the beginning of 2019 new collections with actual gemstones (like Ruby and Sapphire) is going to be introduced. These collections will be targeted only to the luxury boutiques and department stores and will fulfill all KOSMART™ target groups.

Each year we launch at least 4 new collections and our current product range exceeds 2500 different fashion accessories. KOSMART™ has been published in such magazines as VOGUE and is already well known in many markets.

KOSMART™ products are targeted to consumers with medium – high incomes and are usually sold at: beauty supply stores, drug stores, perfumery stores, jewelry corners & stores, gift stores, boutiques, SPA centers, beauty salons, hair product supply stores and etc.

If you would honor us with a review / comment in your Instagram, Blog, Facebook page, Youtube or other social media, please use these tags to comply with our brand guidelines: ; ; #hairaccessories ; #crystalsfromSwarovski and a link to our website:

We do hope that you will like our products and this will become our long term partnership.  

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