Hairstyling Tips to look your best on a Date Night

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Hairstyling Tips to look your best on a Date Night

Are you going on a date with your special someone? Is your date night approaching? If yes, there is something you need to take care of along with your clothes and makeup and that is your hair! It is important to have a hairstyle that looks right for a date night. A bad hairdo can make or break your impression on a date night. It can ruin your appearance whereas a good fashionable hairstyle makes you look trendy & stylish. 

Hairstyles tend to set the tone for your entire look. They help you to create a good positive charismatic impact on people. They serve as one of the most significant parts of your appearance.

A good hairstyle is a valuable asset as it offers the following benefits like: 

o  enhances your beauty, 

o  boosts your confidence  

o  complements your features 

o  enhances your facial features

o  makes you look younger & prettier 

o  reflects your true personality

o  allows you to look unique

o  allows you to show off your unique personality

Remember, good hairstyles are approachable & can help your date feel comfortable. Given below are some great hair styling tips to look your best on a date night:

Simple Ponytail

ponytail for date

This is a hairstyle perfect for minimalists who like to keep it simple. A simple high ponytail can never go wrong for any event. You can tie your hair back in a simple ponytail or while securing your hair in a ponytail with a hair tie band leave few strands of hair loose at the sides to soften the look.

banana clip for date

Instead of Ponytail Holders & elastics, you can also go for another hair accessory-Banana clip. Not only does it help you tie your hair but, it also helps in showcasing your haircut.

Half-up Fishtail Braid 

This hairstyle looks exceptionally good on long hair & it is quite easy to create. It helps you keep your hair away from the face & too by giving you a lovely look. The hairstyle gives a dazzling friendly date feel. 

Start creating a fishtail braid by grasping two sections of the first layer of hair. Then, take a thin strand of hair from the outer edge of the left section & cross it over to the right. The right section will now be a little thicker than before. Repeat the same practice as you keep shifting between left hair strands & right hair strands. Make sure you don't let go of the original two sections because that is from where you started braiding & what you are braiding together. Once you finish the half-up fishtail braid, secure the braid with a beautiful ponytail rubber. 

hair stick for date


You can also style your hair in full fishtail braid if you have long hair. Place a hair stick in the center to give you a charming look.

Last Minute Makeover with a Stylish Hairband 

You can try any simple or intricate hairstyle when you have ample time to get ready. But then what if your date arrangement is sudden? It can be very difficult for you to figure out everything from clothes to accessories at the last minute.

headband for date

But, you don’t need to stress if you don an eye-catching hairband. Pull back your hair in a sleek bun or ponytail and slip a gold-toned, stone-studded hairband for the last-minute makeover.

Place a glittery or stylish headband a few inches away from the hairline. You can also wear a hairband after straightening or curling your hair based on your preferences & uses a hairband to give your hairstyle a finishing touch.

Twisted Crown Braid 

This hairstyle is perfect for styling wavy hair. For this hairstyle, you need few hair snaps, but don’t use metal ones as they may cause hair breakage. You also need two ponytail holders to complete this hairstyle.

Take a triangle section of hair near your part. Divide it into two sections & add a new section of hair to the front piece. Then, add a new section of hair to the back piece. Twist the sections together with the front piece rolling over the back piece. Once you reach the back of the head, stop adding in new sections of hair & just twist the two sections until you reach the end. Tie that off with a ponytail holder. Do the same for the other side. Take one of the twists & create a gap to pull another twist through that space. Complete the hairstyle by securing the hairstyle with hair snaps.

Side Bun 

This is the traditional date night hairdo. It allows you to add a touch of classic glam to your date night outfit. Create a simple bun toward one side of your head and then secure an array of twists & braids around the bun for a style. Secure your bun with a beautiful hair stick. Hair sticks are the most helpful hair accessory. Pull out a few strands to soften your look.

hair stick for date

You can also add a beautiful side comb over the side bun to make it look different & beautiful.

side combs for date

Side parted with a Hair snap 

hair clips for date

Part your hair into even or uneven sections. Use a beautiful hair clip on one side & keep the other side hair loose. After you have set the clip in place, use a hair spray to keep it neat without looking stiff.

Half-Up & Half-Down Updo with Hair Barrette 

Hair barrettes are never going to go out of trend. You can wear the sparkling or crystal-encrusted ones to a date night, wedding party, or any formal & informal get together. You can wear a simple barrette for a casual outing or an office meeting.

blue hair barrette for date

For this hairstyle, you need hair snaps & hair barrette. Take a small section of hair from above your left ear & pull it over to the back of your head to the center. Secure the section with a hair snap. Do the same for the other section of hair from above your right ear, pull it over to the back & overlap with the first section. Complete the hairstyle with a hair barrette. If your hair is thick then don’t remove the hair snaps. But if your hair is straight & less dense that can be secured properly with hair barrette, then carefully remove the hair snaps. 

Raised Bun 

leopard hair barrette for date

This hairstyle looks both simple & classy that helps you make a remarkable impression. It complements all types of outfits may it be formal, casual, and informal. There are many options to secure the hair in a bun from hair sticks & pins, hair jaw clips and claws, and hair snaps. 

 Ponytail Twist with Hair Claw

Hair claws have made a major comeback into the world of hair accessories. They can be worn for work as well as to date night. This hairstyle requires a ponytail holder & a hair claw. It is a simple but impressive hairstyle that you can form on your date night. Bring your hair back into a ponytail & secure it with a sleek ponytail holder or elastic. Then, twist the ponytail into a coil starting from the base & tuck it under the base of the twist. 

hair accessories for date

 You can also try other simple & elegant hairstyle with hair claws. Twist the hair above your ears from the left & right side in a roll to the back of the head. Secure the hairstyle with a hair claw.

hair claw for date

Loose Hair with Hair Clips 

small hair clips for date

Keep it Minimal & classy by wearing hair slides on the open hair. When you are wearing a hair slide opt for something sparkly and embellished one.


Instead of trying something entirely new before a date night, go for a hairstyle that suits best on your personality & present yourself most attractively. Sparkly embellishments like hair clips, barrettes, claws, sticks, and hair snaps are a quick and easy way to enhance your date night hairstyles. These hair accessories go with any hair length & help you create a stylish look by securing every kind of hairstyle.


selection of hair accessories for date

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