Top 10 Affordable Hair Accessories That Should Be A Part of Every Girl’s Closet

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Top 10 Affordable Hair Accessories That Should Be A Part of Every Girl’s Closet


There is no denying the fact that hairstyle plays a crucial role in the look one wears. And when it comes to girls, things become even more intense. No wonder why the biggest concern of girls when they wake up in the morning is how they are going to carry their hair today. And that is understandable because who wouldn’t want to grab all the attention anyway?

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As a matter of fact, your hairstyle speaks volumes about your fashion statement. And when we talk about hairstyles, hair accessories come in to play. Gone are the days when they were only supposed to support the hair so that they do not mess up. With the ever-expanding fashion industry and the resultant hair styling ideas, the choice of premium hair accessories is becoming more and more relevant. 

Owing to their growing influence, tons of expensive designer hair accessories are hitting the market daily. However, why break your bank going after a single yet high-priced hair accessory when you can get yourself loaded with a lot of valuable hair accessories at the same price? 

Before we start going through the list of most beneficial yet affordable hair accessories, let’s cast a glance at what do we refer to when we use the term 'hair accessories'.

What Are Hair Accessories Anyway?

Everything that helps you do your hair comes under the heading of hair accessories. These accessories, along with handling hair, help to style them as well. They are usually made of ornamental material to enhance your overall look in general and of hair in particular. They come in different sizes and shapes to cater to the needs of users. Hair accessories are not an invention of the modern era; their origin can be traced back to primitive times. However, with the dawn of the 21st century, their importance and usage have increased manifold.

Can You Buy Hair Accessories Online?

Online stores are proving to be the best sources of shopping. Especially in this age of information technology, when it can be challenging to take out some time from the busy schedule and go shopping, online stores are a blessing. And Online hair accessory stores are no exception. The most significant benefit of online shopping is that a person from one corner of the world can buy quality products from the other corner of the world without having to go there physically. 

Since Europe is considered the fashion hub of the world, hair accessories that are made in Europe showcase a class of their own. Thanks to the internet, people from different parts of the world get their hands on the finest Europe-made hair products online for any hair type without having to pay tons of money. So, yes, you can always buy wholesale hair accessories online from a reliable online store, and you won't regret your choice. 

There is such a long list of different types of hair clips that it becomes an uphill task to decide which accessory you should go for. If you are also facing the same question, then you are at the right place reading the right article. Below we have enlisted ten best hair accessories on a budget that deserve to be there in your wardrobe. Let’s get started. 


1.     Hair Barrettes and Hair Clips

Hair Barrettes and Hair Clips are the most essential hair accessories, but they come with a ton of benefits. Barrettes and clips are very popular among ladies who want to keep things decent and stylish at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you are a working woman or a housewife, barrettes and hair clips are versatile enough to rock everywhere. 

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You can follow the hair barrettes trend by picking from a plethora of barrettes ranging from small-sized hair clips to large-sized hair barrettes, from long-lasting metal accessories to lightweight hair clips in accordance with the occasion, and you are good to go.


2.     Hair Jaw Clips and Claws

Hair Jaw Clips and Claws are simple yet elegant solutions for hairstyling. They are great for holding the hair firm and keeping them look chic at the same time. They make hairdos easier than ever. 

hair jaw clip


The best part is that they can be the best buddies of your hair for both casual and formal updos. They are pocket-friendly, thus allowing you to keep a collection to match with your dresses. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to showcase your fashion statement out there. 

3.     Ponytail Holders and Elastics

Do you remember your mum tying up your hair and making a ponytail out of them when you were a child? She did that using a small magic tool. Yup, you guessed it, the ponytail holder. Although ponytails holders and elastics are considered hair accessories for kids, yet their utility is prodigious enough to help adults in their hairdos.


ponytail holder

 These are great for working women, athletes, and school-going girls. Owing to their uniqueness and versatility, they deserve to make their way to your closet with ease. 

4.     Headbands

Headbands are one of the coolest hair accessories. You can rock headbands with any hairstyle and on any occasion. A headband adds a lot of confidence to your look, and you will feel energetic all along. Headbands have been around for ages, but their importance has not lowered at all. 


They are perfect when you want to add a unique flair to your hairdo. You can wear headbands both in accordance and in contrast to your dress. They are easy on your hair, and you won’t get that tied-up feeling. If your closet lacks this amazing yet cheap hair accessory, then you really need to consider what you are missing out on. 

5.     Hair Sticks and Pins

Here is another inexpensive solution for your messed-up hair. Yup, hair sticks, and pins must make a part of your hair accessories for several reasons. Their usage can be traced back to the stone ages when women used thorns as hairpins. However, modern-day hair sticks and pins are used in many hairdos such as buns, beehives, chignons, and updos. 

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These are ideal for people of almost all ages for their daily wearing as well as party hairdos. You can furnish your hairdo stockpile by buying a set of different colored and sized pins at a very reasonable price. 

6.     Hair Snaps

As the name suggests, hair snaps snap your hair so that they do not squander here and there. These are adorable hair accessories from the 90s and give you that retro-inspired vintage look. Hair snaps come in many different styles, some are simple, while others are decorated with ornaments like beads and pearls. 

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They are generally used to snap those few hairs which keep escaping from your fancy hair clip to tingle your eyes. No matter you have wavy, curly, straight, or frizzy hair, snaps got them.  Hair snaps also make a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

7.     Side Combs

Side combs are not like those typical combs. Side combs are curved to provide your hairdo with the perfect balance and appearance. Side combs are quite popular among hairstylists who employ them extensively while styling. Having a collection of side combs in your hair accessories means you will never have a bad hair day again. Side combs are your one-stop solution to all hairdo related problems. 

hair side combs

You can use them for your party hairdo, formal look, or everyday hair routine. This comb provides you with an effortless, easy, and quick way to get a DIY hairstyle. These are the reasons side combs must be on your bucket list the next time you go shopping. 

8.     Banana Clips

A chic replacement for traditional hair clips and ponytail holders, banana clips are very much in style these days. A banana clip is an ideal go-to accessory for women with a unique sense of fashion. These are especially great for thick hair and help them retain a put-together look. 

hair banana clips

They do not cost a lot of bucks, which means you can buy a set of banana clips without having to break your bank. Adding banana clips in your hair accessory list means adding confidence and seamlessness to your persona. 

9.     Bun Covers

Many girls with long hair often complain that their hair gives them a tough time when it comes to making a bun. For those girls, bun covers are a blessing. In addition to holding bun at one place, bun covers provide answers for an elegant hairstyle when you are in haste. 

hair bun cover

All you have to do is make your desired hairstyle and attach the bun cover using the stick, and that’s it. It is a unique hair accessory that ensures your hairdo stands out. Hair buns are perfect for women of all ages and professions and are also easy on the pocket.

10. Hair Combs

Now you might say that who does not have a hair comb in her closet, right? Well, the truth is that there are many kinds of hair combs, and each is good for different styles. There are separate combs for thick, thin, straight, curly, and sensitive hair. Make sure you choose the one that suits your hair perfectly. 

The good thing about combs is that they are one of the cheapest hair accessories and can easily fit in your handbag or even clutch. Having a collection of different kinds of combs in your closet will mean you will never get bored with your hair. 



Embracing every hair type, these small and cost-friendly hair accessories can bring about a revolution in your lifestyle and add a lot of value to your fashion statement. These accessories are a must-have for any girl’s wardrobe. Do not go on their small size and low price because their utility is far greater than that. 


Do you have something to add? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.