Hair combs

You need not only to have something beautiful in your hair, but also to take care of your hair! Select just the perfect combs for you! Choose the hair comb size that would be best for your type of hair - no matter if you have a thick or thin hair, you will definitely find ones for you. If you want to have the combs for a gift, you would probably like to check our hair combs hand decorated with original crystals from Swarovski(R)!

Medium size regular shape Hair comb in Green
Mid-priced Hair comb is made in France. Product is made without any kind of metal parts to make it completely metal free for people, who have very sensitive skin or allergies from metal parts. Hair comb is suitable for all hair types. Product is hand encrusted with Swarovski® crystals and comes with certificate to validate its authenticity. Hair comb is appropriate to wear at a cocktail party.