10 Best Hair Accessories Under $5

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10 Best Hair Accessories Under $5


Is there anything better than looking great at a fraction? The answer is a straight no. In this age of fashion, who wouldn’t want to look like a million-dollar without actually spending a million dollars?

That is the reason why we see so much passion in customers when brands offer flat sales. A sale lets people buy their desired product on a half or even less price. It shows that the inclination towards looking embellished at a fraction is quite pervasive among people around the world.

And when it comes to embellishment, hair accessories come into play. In fact, how you look is pretty much defined by how you carry hour hair. Your hairstyle is the first thing people notice in your personality when they meet you. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to your hair, hair care and hair accessories.

And what if we reveal that you don’t have to break your bank in order to live your hair accessories goals? Yes, in this article, we are going to introduce you to 10 most exceptional yet most affordable hair accessories that come with a price tag under $5. Astonished? It is only starting.

Let’s dive into it. 

What Are the Benefits Of Buying Cheap Hair Accessories?

It is always a bit difficult to buy any product that is available at a very reasonable price. However, cheap hair accessories here do not mean that they are inferior in quality as well. In fact, these hair accessories are on par in quality and durability to the expensive hair accessories. There are many benefits of buying affordable hair accessories, and some of them are as under.

1.     They Save You Money

Quite obvious, right? But a fact is a fact, and we need to make that count. The money you spend to buy a single expensive hair accessory can be used to purchase many different hair accessories, which can come handy on a variety of occasions instead of one. Also, you can spend the rest of the bucks to some other use.

2.     They Offer You Diversity

Yup, it is a matter of common sense. When you have many hair accessories at your disposal, you can match many dresses with them and attend any sort of event. Whereas buying a single expensive hair accessory will leave you with much fewer options. So, be a beauty with brains.

3.     No Fear of Losing Them

When you know that your hair accessory hasn’t cost you a fortune and you won’t suffer a significant loss if you end up losing them, you relax. So, when you are on an event, you will not have to be conscious about your hair accessory falling off. You can only focus on enjoying the moments. 

4.     You Get to Test the Products

If you are checking out hair accessories online and happen to really like a hair accessory that is quite expensive, but you are not sure about the quality, buy a cheap hair accessory from the same store. That will help you decide whether to go for the expensive product or not because good online stores make even their affordable products quality-oriented. That’s a pro tip.

5.     You Can Try Out Different Hairdos

It is impossible to stick to only one hairstyle. It is also not possible to try out different hairstyles without having the requisite hair accessory. That is where cheap hair accessories can help you a great deal. When you can buy a number of hair accessories while staying in your budgetary limits, you can try out your favorite hairdos as well that you would otherwise miss out on. 

6.     Buy in Bulk

Another advantage of going for the less expensive product is that you can buy in bulk. You can gift them to your loved ones or even sell them at a higher price. You can also buy different colors of the same collection in bulk to match with every single dress in your wardrobe. And who knows you love them so much and decide to keep them for as long as you want?

7.     You Can Change Frequently

There is no denying the fact that the more you spend money on a product, the more you become conscious about it, and the more it becomes difficult for you to replace it. However, the same is not the case with cheap hair accessories. You can keep changing them every now and then and can keep surprising your friends continuously. 

8.     You Can Be More Creative

Being frugal while purchasing hair accessories also allows you to be creative. When you know what you have at your disposal, you try to create new hairstyles and be at your creative best. Whereas expensive hair accessories get the centerstage of attention, and your hairdo gets neglected easily. 

9.     Your Closet Fills

Closets are good at storing stuff. However, one or more accessories always seem to be misplaced when you want to wear them. We feel you. Buying a bundle of cheap hair accessories saves you from this ordeal as well. You will never get short of hair accessories. That’s for sure.

10. You Become A Hair Accessory Expert

The more you deal with something, the more you learn about it. The same is the case with hair accessories. When you buy more hair accessories spending less money, you are in a better position to suggest hair accessories to your friends and family. What else do you want?

Hair Accessories Under $5

Now that you know why you should really consider buying low-priced hair accessories let us introduce you to some of the finest hair accessories that are priced less than $5. Rest assured, these hair accessories are handpicked as in terms of quality and reliability; they can compete with any expensive hair accessories. Therefore, you can purchase them with your eyes closed. Let’s have a look. 


1.    Medium Size Fork Shape Hair Stick in Black

Hair pins are great when it comes to buns and braids. This fork shaped hair stick is a skin-friendly hair accessory is decorated with a single crystal from the range of Swarovski is really good both for your style and your pocket. You won’t even have to spend $2 to purchase this versatile hair accessory. It would prove to be a valuable addition in your hair accessories closet. Give it a go!

2.     Japanese Hair Stick in Black

If you always adored those Japanese buns but could not try them out due to financial constraints, this is your chance to make your dream come true. This Japanese hair stick is very reliable despite its low price. It is skin-friendly, elegant, and long enough to cater to any type of bun. And you can get all of these qualities in only $2. 

To know more about hair sticks and pins, go through this comprehensive guide to hair pins and sticks.

3.     Hair Snap in Marlboro Red and Black

Hair snaps are ideal when you want to try out detail-oriented hairstyles or hold your fine hair firmly in one place. This hair snap can help you do that without breaking your bank. Despite its small size and low price, this is one of the most beautiful hair snaps and is made entirely with hypoallergenic material that doesn’t cause nickel allergy. You can purchase this hair snap under $3.

red hair snap

black hair snap


4.    Regular Shape Hair Claw Clip in Black 

Hair claw clips come into play when you want to be creative with your hair. This black hair claw clip is made of finest material, i.e., bioplastic, and its teeth are strong enough to hold your hair in one place comfortably. You can use this hair claw clip for daily hair wear or even on semi-formal occasions. And it only costs slightly more than $2. 

black hair clawblack hair claw


If you want to know everything about hair claw clips, this guide to hair claw clips may come handy.

5.    Medium Size Hair Claw Clip in Shiny Black

This shiny black hair claw clip is versatile enough to act both as a regular and fancy hair clip at the same time. So, you get two in one in just $2.5. Its shiny, glittering surface does not mean it is slippery. Instead, it is ideal for silky hair and gives your hair an embellished look. This hair claw clip would prove to one of the best choices you made. 

black hair clawblack hair claw model


6.     Fish Shape Hair Banana Clip in Black

Banana clips are in style these days, and many celebrities seem to love this hair accessory. However, while they go for expensive hair banana clips, you can get this banana clip in just under $3. Banana clips are great in terms of utility and sophistication. Their double-edged teeth securely hold the hair. Make sure this banana clip makes a to your wardrobe. 

hair banana clipblack hair banana


7.    Spiked Headband in Black

It would be unjust if we didn’t suggest you a headband because headbands are one other most popular hair accessories among women. Especially throw want to look young and energetic. This black spike headband is suitable for all types of hair but ideal for short to medium hair. It makes sure not even a single hair escapes from its secure grip. You can purchase this skin-friendly headband in only $3. 

cheap headbandcheap black headband


This headband guide is all-inclusive to let you know everything about headbands. 


8.     Oval Shape Hair Clip in Black

This pocket-friendly hair clip is exquisite enough to cater to all your hairdo related problems. Despite its small size and a reasonable price, this hair clip is all about quality and safety. Its metal part is made of bronze so that you do not get any nickel allergy. All it is going to cost you is $1.5. It can be a great addition to your workplace hair accessories. Make it count. 

very cheap hair clipmosft affordable hair clip

9.     Skinny Rectangular Hair Clip in Violet and Ivory

If you have a knack for sophisticated hair accessories, then this violet-colored skinny hair clip has to be there in your bucket list. It is perfect for professional and formal occasions and only costs $3.5 to own. When you compare its price with its beauty and usage, you realize what a great deal you made. It is completely safe for your skin. 

violet hair clip on modelviolet hair clip


10. Oval Shape Hair Elastic with Decoration in Red

If you thought we skipped ponytails, you were wrong. Ponytails are too fascinating to be left out, and ponytail holders are no less. This luxurious ponytail holder in red color offers a royal addition to your hairdo arsenal. Made with high quality elastic and bioplastic, this ponytail is perfect for dinner parties, night sports, and theatres. Also, you can wear it on a date night to embellish your ponytail and pulling your beloved’s heart. If all these qualities made you think it is an expensive hair elastic, then lo and behold, it doesn’t even cost you $5. 

red ponytail on modelred ponytail

Here is a guide to ponytail holders you must visit. 


These hair accessories under $5 are no less than jackpots. You get to enjoy all the perks of expensive hair accessories and sophisticated hairdos without having to spend your money like water. Adding all these hair accessories in your collection of hair accessories won’t even cost you $30 but would offer you the look of a million dollars. Do not get deceived by their price tags and give them a go. Trust us, you will never regret. That’s a given!

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