Your Ultimate Guide to Headbands

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Your Ultimate Guide to Headbands

Not every hair accessory is easy to put on and carry. Some of them take a lot of time and effort. And it becomes quite complicated at times when you want to look chic, but you do not have enough time to spend on creating unique hairdos and wearing relevant hair accessories.

Amis such circumstances, headbands come as a blessing. In fact, headbands are one of the simplest hair accessories you will ever come across. But that doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on your style when you want to decorate your head with a headband. Instead, headbands have become one of the most popular yet affordable hair accessories.

Headbands are magical as they can make you look all dressed up or remind you of the days of your childhood. It is one of the traditional hair accessories of the 90s but is making a comeback in style. That is the reason why hairstylists and hair accessories experts are focusing more and more on headbands to create some of the finest headbands.

Even celebrities are under the influence of headbands and are paving the way for common women to welcome headbands back into their lives. You will hardly come across a fashion show where models do not use headbands. Cool, isn’t it?

But if you are still confused and think that you’d look like a primary school child while putting on a headband, then read on because this article will help you regain your confidence about headbands. We will share with you the history of headbands, hairstyles you can make with the headbands, tips, and tricks about headbands and some freshest high-quality headbands. So, keep on scrolling for all the inspiration you have been looking for.

Let’s get started.

History of Headbands

You will be amazed to know that headbands are not the invention of modern-day fashion designers. Instead, they are around for ages. Their history goes back to ancient times. Ancient Greeks who lived almost 2500 years ago, their women loved headbands. This shows that headbands have always been among the top favorite hair accessories for women.

According to historians, in those times, headbands were considered a luxurious hair accessory as they were mostly used on festive occasions to mark special events. It is evident from the fact that they used special wreaths to acknowledge and reward the athlete that won the ancient Olympics. Since then, headbands have also been a traditional sports hair accessory, as well.

Later in the 20th century, when the fashion industry started booming, headbands of different shapes, sizes, and designs began to be made. It did not take them long to spread all over the world to become the favorite hair accessories of women. And since then, headbands haven’t looked back.

What are the different types of headbands?

The evolution of headbands resulted in many types of headbands. Now, you can come across dozens of the kinds of headbands to match your needs and preferences. Therefore, we have listed some most popular types of headbands below. Have a look.

  1. Fabric Headband

As the name suggests, fabric headbands refer to those that are made of some kind of fabric. There are numerous fabrics used in headbands to serve different purposes. For example, women use sweat headbands while carrying out physical activities or playing sports. Similarly, there are fabric headbands to serve the fashionistas’ needs, such as bow headbands, turban headbands, and knitted headbands. They come in different colors and designs. You can also get fabric headband of the same cloth as that of your dress.

  1. Plastic Headbands

Plastic headbands are the most widely used headbands and are equally popular among kids, adults, and older women. You can find some of the best examples of craftsmanship in the plastic headbands because of their shapes and colors. These headbands come in the traditional horseshoe shape. Due to their elasticity, appearance, and firm grip, these headbands find their way into the hair jewelry for all types of occasions. 

  1. Toothed Headbands

These headbands usually come with a metallic wiring. Toothed headbands have teeth or prongs lined along the interior portion of the headband. They come into play when you want to hold your hair tightly to ensure your hair stay put for an extended period of time. The prongs also make different patterns of the hair and make them look incredible.

  1. Velvet Headbands

If you love headbands, but their sturdy grip makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, then velvet headbands are there for you. They are super-soft and flexible, which makes them very easy to wear. The velvety fabric not only imparts royal elegance to your looks but is also very reliable. They can be used for a variety of events, including formal and informal events and even for parties.

  1. Faux braid headbands

Faux braided headbands are exceptional hair accessory that offers you not only a hairstyling option but also a solution to your big problem of twisting your hair. If you never got the hang of twisting your hair up but still want to rock a braided hairstyle, then this headband will serve the purpose. All you need to do is find a braided headband that matches the color of your hair, and that’s it. You can pull off your favorite braided hair look using this out of the box hair accessory.

Tips to Wear Headbands

Although headbands are really practical hair accessories and they do not require any particular suggestions, yet if you keep the following tips in your mind before purchasing or wearing headbands, they might come handy. Let’s take a look.

  • Choice of Headband

Choose the fabric of the headband that suits your personality and your outfit. Knitted headbands and velvet headbands are great for the winter, but they will not be a good idea in the summer. Similarly, summer headbands are lightweight and usually made of plastic.

  • Color of Headband

When it comes to the color selection, the general rule of thumb is that either you go for a matching headband or a contrast. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot experiment with your creativity. Just keep your outfit, event, and season into consideration, and you are good to go.

  • How You Want to Look

You also need to consider the type of look you are aiming for. Some women prefer a more put-together look while others opt for a messy one. Therefore, your choice of looks must matter in your choice of headband. 

  • Place of Headband

Headbands belong to hair jewelry, and they are supposed to be put on a display. Hence, it would help if you put on the hairband towards your forehead instead of wearing towards the rear of your head.

  • Skin Friendly Headbands

If you want to get a metal headband, then make sure you are not allergic to metal. Most of the metallic hair accessories have nickel in their composition. Nickel allergy is a painful thing, and you need to make sure that you avoid it at any cost.

  • Events

Some headbands are specific for different occasions. You cannot just wear a casual headband on a professional even or while playing sport. Therefore, choose your headband in accordance with the event.

  • Tidiness

Keep your headbands clean and tidy. The fabric headbands absorb whatever product you use for hairstyling plus your sweat. So, it is crucial to wash them regularly if you want to use the headband in the longer run.

  • Purchasing Headbands

Finally, before making a purchase online. Ensure about the quality of the maker by reading the reviews about them. A good quality maker of hair accessories might be a bit expensive, but their products are trustworthy and last longer. A cheap headband may look appealing, but there can be a compromise on the quality, which shouldn’t be acceptable.

Now that you know different types of headbands and tips to use the best way let us discover some fantastic hairstyles or hairdos that you can rock using your headbands. According to the hairstyling experts, the following hairstyles and the headbands both complement each other. Therefore, if you want to follow suit, make the following hairstyles count.

Hairstyles to Make with Headbands

Delving into the marvelous world of headbands related hairstyles is fun. Especially when the outcome is fabulous. When headbands combine with hairstyles, they make sure you get your looked wholly transformed.

  • Hairband with Sleek Bun

All those childhood desires to look like a Disney princess can be turned into reality by pairing hair bun with a luxurious headband. To pull off this fascinating look, all you need to do is make a seek bun and pair it with fancy headband such as beaded one. This hairstyle works perfectly for a variety of occasions, such as formal, informal, and semi-formal occasions. It is even ideal hair accessory for a date.

  • Headband with ponytail

This duo can make even older women look young because it exhibits all the energetic vibes. Although wearing a headband with a ponytail is a bit sporty style, it doesn’t mean you cannot wear it on your favorite occasion. You only have to make a ponytail using a decent ponytail holder and put on a headband per the event you are going to attend. You can also try this combo out in your day to day routine.

  • Headband with Long Bob

Just imagine yourself all set in a floral dress, long bob, and a beautiful headband, sounds impressive, eh? Well, it not only seems fantastic; it actually takes your personality to the next level. This hairstyle and headband couple will allow you to go all glamorous, chic, and edgy. Once you wear this look, you do not need to overdo your makeup or other things because these two are enough to provide you what you have been looking for.

  • Headband with long straight hair

The majority of the women think that headbands are suitable only as a short hair accessory. However, that is not the case as headbands look amazingly good with long hairs as well. So, if you have long hair and are hesitant about using a headband despite your likeness for, get rid of this thought. You can simply let your long hair hang down straight and wear a fancy headband such as floral or beaded. Do take care of the color of your dress because matching the headband with your clothing would be a better idea. Make sure you do not miss out on this combo if you want to put your long hair to good use.

  • Headband with Wavy Hair

An out of the box solution for women with wavy hair is that they can intensify the look of their wavy hair using a unique headband band such as metallic or chained headband. This will make sure your casual hairstyle does not remain casual anymore without putting in a lot f effort. Therefore, if you are bored with your simple hairdo and want to transform it without going to the saloon, take advantage of this simple trick.

  • Knotted Headband with Braided Updo With

And when you want to rock like a downtown girl, headband with a braided updo say, Hi. This partnership between a knotted headband and braided updo might seem difficult to pronounce, but it is absolutely easy to make. This hair solution is equally useful for both straight and curly hair. Once you are done with making a braided updo, just put on your knotted headband towards the front side, and that’s it. Show off your gorgeous skin and let everyone be stunned. You discovered the Katy Perry that resides in you. No kidding.

  • Black Leather headband with Angular Bob

Let’s put on display your fun and cute side, eh? Leather headband and angular bob are made for each other, and you will only discover it after wearing them both together. It is not necessary to pair a leather headband only; you can always be creative with your choices. This hairstyle is perfect for blonde women who want to stand out. The black-colored headband against the background of blonde hair adds freshness to the look, and women love it for that. You may put the cherry on the top by wearing a leather skirt of any color and let the gentlemen drool.

  • Fabric Headband with Beehive Hairstyle

The actual beehive might not go well with a piece of fabric, but that made out of your hair is a perfect fit for fabric headband. This hairstyle gives you a relaxed look which you can wear on garden parties, pool parties or even theatre and operas. The best part about this headband is that you can make it yourself. All you need to do is cut a fabric in length that can be wrapped around your beehive hairdo at least twice. The best position for this headband on a beehive is towards the back of the head where its limbs can be tied behind tour ears. Match your jewelry with this hairdo, and you are all set to rock.

Top 5 Fashionable Headbands

After elucidating everything about headbands in such detail, it would be unjust if we finish without guiding your way to some trendy headbands. Therefore, we have chosen the five best headbands for you. These headbands are premium quality and are all made in Europe. Have a look.

1. Slim and affordable Headband in Black

Starting with this budget hair accessory that comes with a very affordable price tag. But that doesn’t mean this product is any less than the competitor. This sleek black headband is a pretty decent headband for you and your family. The teeth inside are placed at a particular distance so that your fine hair stay firm without any discomfort. You can purchase this headband you’re yourself and your little girls without any worries because it is made of skin-friendly material. That ensures your family does not catch uninvited allergy. This can be your go-to hairband for everyday wear.

slim black headband

slim black headband2. Medium Sized Headband in Black

This is a great mid-priced hair accessory that you can grab. This shining black headband is further decorated with original Swarovski crystals, which give it a look like stars in a night. This hairband is lined with dual teeth mechanism, which makes sure not even a single hair can escape. It is made of hypoallergenic bioplastic that is metal-free. This headband is ideal for women with light-colored hair short to medium hair. So, if you want to take your everyday wear to a next and safer level, this headband should be your first choice.

thick headband

thick headband

3. Luxurious Flower Shaped Headband

When you are out and about to buy a premium headband, then there is nothing better than this flower-shaped headband. Just cast a glance at it, and you will be convinced. Made with the highest standards of craftsmanship in Europe, this fancy headband is all that you need to decorate your hair with elegance. The flower on the headband is carefully hand encrusted with the most exquisite crystals from the range of Swarovski. It is a very versatile headband, which means you can wear it on both formal and informal occasions. It is significantly high for night events. If your closet is deprived of a premium and amazingly beautiful headband, then make sure you add it to make your collection valuable.

headband with flower

headband with flower

4. Fancy Headband in beige

This golden headband has it all to make people go crazy over it and ask you where did you get it from. Its exquisitely royal look and the decorative ribbon allows you to usher a majestic transformation in your personality. That is not the end; the original Swarovski crystals make this fancy headband one of the finest headbands you will come across. It is nickel-free, which renders it hypoallergenic and safe for your skin. No matter if there is a festive occasion, some high profile gathering, or a casual event, this headband will always be your companion. That’s a given.

beige headband

fancy headband

5. Minimalist Headband in Grey and White

It is not unnatural that sometimes you crave something that defines your personality, taste, and character in a natural language. This minimalist headband will do that job for you. In fact, this multicolor hair accessory is amazingly simple but outstandingly beautiful. It is made of cellulose acetate, which is also called bioplastic. It means if you are wearing this headband, you are completely safe from the famous nickel allergy. The headband is great for everyday wear. Whenever there is a presentation or a meeting or an interview call, just put on this headband and see the magic. It is sleek, simple, lightweight, and reliable, what else you can ask for?

grey headband


Headbands have been around and making the lives of women easier for ages. From ancient civilizations to women 21st century, no one could escape from their magic. This is the easiest of all hair accessories and comes in so many variants that make things easy for you. There are literally hundreds of hairstyles that you can rock with headbands and showcase the world your fashion statement.

So, transforming your hair game has never been this easy. Do not let the opportunity of grabbing some amazing headbands go. The ball is in your court.

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