Hair Accessories and Hair Care; How to Make Them Go Hand in Hand

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Hair Accessories and Hair Care; How to Make Them Go Hand in Hand

Hair accessories are love. We get it. They are truly magical, and you have all the reasons to fall in love with them. And why won’t you when hair accessories always help you look chic and fashionable? There is not even a single day when you do not use hair accessories. And when it comes to important events and parties, their importance increases manifold.

Therefore, it would be foolish to say that hair accessories like hair clips, hair barrettes, ponytail holders, headbands, etc. can be ignored. However, there is one aspect that the majority of women seem to neglect. And that is the hair loss due to hair accessories.

Yes, hair accessories can damage your hair. But wait, hold your horses. It is not exactly the hair accessory that damages hair; instead, it is the way you use them. So, basically, your choice of hair accessories and the way you carry them is absolutely crucial for the health of your hair.

Hence, it is extremely important to master the art of wearing hair accessories. And if you never thought about this aspect, you are not alone. Luckily, we are here to help you, and we will let you know how to use hair accessories and keep your hair healthy at the same time.

Eager to know? Here we go.

Hair care while using Hair Pins and Clips

Hair clips and pins are the most used hair accessories across the world. They help millions of women embellish their hair day in day out. However, it is also a reality that hairpins and clips can potentially damage your hair without you noticing. If you are a victim of this issue or want to know to make sure your hair stays healthy while using hair clips and pins, then below, we have listed some tips you must follow. These tips will minimize the damage and improve your hair growth.

  • Don’t Go to Bed with Hair Clips and Pins On

Remember the lessons mum taught you in childhood? This is one of them. Before you go to bed, make sure you have taken off your hair clips or pins. If you go to sleep with these hair accessories still in your hair, they can damage your hair severely. The metal part in hair clips, pins and barrettes can cut or damage your hair and also harm your scalp. So, for your own safety, pay heed to this tip.

  • Do not overheat Hair Barrettes or Pins

Another essential tip to follow is that when you are drying or curling, your hair using a hairdryer and hair barrettes and pins are already attached to your hair, make sure you do not end up overheating them. Most of the hair clips and pins are made of metal, and metal is the conductor of heat. Therefore, they get heated up and can damage your hair as well as scalp. In fact, metal tends to stay hot long after it is heated. So, avoid concentrating the dryer too long in one place.

  • Using Wrong Clips for Your Type of Hair

Everyone has a different type of hair. Some have thick hair, and some have thin or fine hair. There are women with dry hair, and others have silky hair. In short, there are different hair types, and there ought to be different hair accessories for them. For example, if you have thick hair and you use hair clips whose teeth are too close, then you are doing your hair injustice because narrow teeth hair clips are for fine thin hair. Therefore, before you purchase a hair clip, make sure it is ideal for your hair type.

  • Use Skin-Friendly Hair Clips and Pins

Taking care of your hair also involves taking care of your skin. All the metals used in the production of hair barrettes and pins are not skin-friendly. Especially nickel is notorious for nickel allergy, which is a quite painful skin condition. You can avoid this by getting your hands on skin-friendly hair clips and pins, which are hypoallergenic. This way, you can keep skin allergies of scalp and face at bay.

  • Do Not Add Metal Hair Clips and Pins on Wet Hair

Haircare experts also suggest that you should avoid attaching hair barrettes and pins to your hair while they are still wet. It can cause twofold damage. One, it can make your hair accessory rusty and two, it is terrible for your hair. Make sure you dry your hair correctly to make them moisture-free before adding hair clips and pins.

Hair Care While Using Elastic Bands and Hair Ties

If you thought that hair barrettes and pins are the only culprits for hair damage, then you are wrong. Some gentle hair accessories such as elastic bands and hair ties can also be proved to be damaging for your hair. It is the same story here as well that it is not actually these that damage hair; it is the way of their usage that matters.

We do not ask you to stop using them at all. Instead, we just want you to abide by the following tips while using them, and you are good to go.

  • Use Hair Tie with Fabric Covering

According to the health experts, if you want to use hair ties without compromising the hair safety, use those that come with a fabric covering. It is because those hair ties that are not covered but fabric can be damaging for your hair. They can cause a hair fall, hair breakage, and cause pain when you take them off because they might pull your hair out. You can improve the protection by smearing some conditioner along with the hair tie.

  • Do Not Pull Hair Too Tightly

Some hairdos involve pulling the hair back from the forehead. But pulling them too tightly can be harmful to your hair. This can lead to hair breakage and loss in traction along the temples and front hairline. This issue is most likely to hit young girls because of their hairstyling preferences. To avoid this, tie the ponytail holder a bit loose so that your hair can breathe.

  • Wash Them Regularly

Since hair ties and elastics are made of fabric mostly, they are prone to absorb moisture, sweat, and hair products. This can result in the formation of bacteria inside the fabric, which can ultimately cause skin and hair problems. To avoid this, make sure you keep washing these hair accessories regularly. Use bacterial killer detergents to get the best results.

  • Use Good Quality Products

It is always tempting to see something cheap to buy. But such purchases involve a lot of risk in terms of quality and health. Instead of buying more hair elastics and ties at a cheap rate, go for one quality product even if it costs you more. And to be honest, even the costliest hair ties and elastics do not cost a fortune. Therefore, always follow the rule of quality over quantity when it comes to hair care.

10 Simple Tips to Help You Keep Your Hair Healthy

Now that you know how to use your hair accessories in a healthy way, let us hare some hair care tips with you. These are handpicked by hair experts and show promising results if you follow properly.

1. Do Not Wash Your Hair Daily

Contrary to the popular perception, washing your hair every day can be harmful to your hair. Yes, and there is science behind it. According to the health experts, if you wash your hair daily, your hair becomes more likely to lose the natural oils produced by the scalp. These oils are crucial for the health of your hair. Stripping these oils away can result in brittle or greasy hair.

2. Do Not Wash Hair with Hot Water

Taking hot showers in winter is totally understandable, and we love it. However, it can bring bad news to your hair. Hot water damages the hair just like a blow dryer does. Hot water can also strip your hair of their natural shine. In order to avoid this, use lukewarm or normal temperature water to rinse your hair after applying shampoo and conditioner. This way, you can preserve the natural oils in your hair and also get an added shine.

3. Use Conditioner Only Once A Week

Conditioning your hair is a good idea, but as they say, excess of anything is bad. The same is the case with conditioners. Hair experts suggest that conditioning your hair daily can end up giving results opposite of why you were using conditioner. Instead, use conditioner only once a week. You will feel that your hair is becoming healthier and more appealing. The best way to use conditioner is to let it soak in for 5-10 minutes then rinsing out with lukewarm water.

4. Avoid Using A Towel or Hairdryer

Sounds a bit foolish? Well, your hair doesn’t think so. When you dry your hair using a towel or hairdryer, you are actually going against the nature of hair. This way, you end up weakening your hair. Rubbing a towel against your hair causes split ends and renders them frizzy. A blow-dryer is even more damaging. So, the best way to dry your hair is by letting them air dry. This might take a long time but is a better option for you’re the health of your hair.

5. Buy Hair Products As Per Your Hair

The majority of the women get impressed by the TVC ads about hair products and end up buying them without even considering their hair type. This is mere folly and must be avoided at any cost. You must know the sort of hair you have and then purchase products meant for your hair particularly. Come to think of it, if you have oily hair and you bring home a product that is intended to fight dry hair, where are you heading to? Therefore, consider the thickness, texture, length, and type of your hair before giving a green signal to any product.

6. Avoid Brushing Hair When They Are Wet

Another simple but useful tip for maintaining the health of your hair is that you should not brush your hair when they are wet. After you are done taking a shower, the better idea is to wait for a while before you go on to brush your hair. Also, use a wide-toothed comb or brush instead of a fine-tooth comb to ensure that your hair do not pulled out. Just remember that when your hair is wet, they are at their weakest. Bring strength to them instead of weakening them even more.

7. Go for Heat-Free Styling

In the age of automation where everyone is busy using heating tools to get the desired hairstyle, be someone who cares for the hair more than the haircut. Avoid using blow dryers, flat irons, straighteners or curling irons to style your hair. Instead, try techniques that are heat-free, but offer results that are pretty much the same. They include but not limited to, using hair ribbons, headbands, and bobbles. You can also employ round hair brushes to make your hair look sleek and stylish.

8. Get Them Trimmed Timely

If you care for your hair, then there is no reason for you not to get them trimmed in a timely fashion. It will not only provide you with a fresh look but will also get rid of split ends. Hairstylists suggest that the ideal time to get your hair cut every three months and trimmed every sixth week. It will also help boost your hair growth.

9. Eat Healthy and Nutritious

Yes, there is an intimate connection between your diet and hair. The better the food you eat, the better hair you get. Eat healthy food that is full f nutrition, and that is precisely what your hair needs to become healthier. A protein-rich diet is beneficial in this regard. Also, food with a high content of Omega 3 fatty acids is particularly suitable for hair. You can also stop hair loss just by making your diet better.

10. Drink Enough water

Last but not least, drink a lot of water. The more you drink, the better it is for your hair. A hydrated body can support the hair in an ideal way. Hydration is good for the overall health of your body and in the elimination of harmful elements. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day as an optimum quantity.


It is evident that blind trust in hair accessories and their abuse can result in extreme hair damage. Even the gentlest hair accessories can be harmful if you do not use them properly. To avoid damaging your hair out of ignorance, make sure you follow all the tips and suggestions in this article and let us know the results in the comment section below. Good luck!

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