Top 10 Hair Trends and Accessories to Follow In 2020

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Top 10 Hair Trends and Accessories to Follow In 2020

Do you know the perfect time to change your hairstyle? Well, ideally, it is when the new year arrives. Because it is the time when you are busy in noting down the new year resolutions. Everyone has different resolutions, such as their career, love life, fitness, etc. However, one thing is shared among all new year resolutions, and that is to look betterand stand out in the next year.

If you also think that it has been too long since you are wearing the same old traditional hairstylesand you need to transform your look, then this probably the best time for it. In the year 2020, make sure you become bold enough to experiment with new things, and hairstyles are no exception.

In fact, hairstyles play a leading role in our appearance. The first thing that people notice while interacting is how you carry your hair. Your hair speaks volumes about your personality, preferences, and way of thinking. Therefore, showcasing the audacity to try out new trends in hairstyleswill help you understand and express yourself better.

Luckily, we are here with some unique hairstyling trendsthat you must try in 2020. Our hairstyling experts handpicked these trends. So, in your bid to kick-off the new year in style, make sure you make them count.

  1. Pearly Hairstyle

Well, if you have no idea what is a pearly hairstyle, let us do the favorfor you. Basically, as the name suggests, this hairstyle involves fastening pearls to the top knots or crisp narrows. This results in an amazingly modern and insta-worthy hairstyle. No need to remove pearls from grandma’s necklace because they are readily available online. If you think this hairstyle is out of your league, then isn’t that what you are going to try out in 2020? Moreover, you can also go for a lesser version too by employing a pearl-encrusted hair barrette at one side of your hair.

How to create? Creating this hairstyle is not as hard as it might seem. All you need to do is twisting spin pearl pins via your braid, bun, or the hairstyle of your choice, and that’s it.

  1. Lavender Sprigs

This hairstyle is especially great for your spring look. Floral hair accessories are widespread, and they aren’t unique anymore. Therefore, this hairstyle trend is specific for lavenders. It involves using the sprigs of lavenders fastened in the hairdos such as braids and buns. You can match the sprigs with your eyeliner or dress to make things spicier. 

How to make: start with braiding the flanks of your hairline by making a three-strand braid. Pin them in place in the mid of your head. Now take pieces of fake lavender and tread them by bobby pinning the ends. Bingo!

  1. Neon Buns

Neon might not be very reactive for other gases, but neon buns are going to attract a lot of attention for sure. This hairstyle offers you to translate the colorful and vibrant side of your personality. Its fantastic look is the reason why neon bun is being put on display at a number of fashion and modelingshows across the globe. So, if you want your hair to look like a work of art, go for the neon bun and rock all the festive occasions in style.

How to make: To create a neon bun, the first thing you need to do is be bold. Because you need confidence and a lot of character to carry this hairstyle. After you overcome your nervousness, just do two simple steps. One, make a messy bun out of your hair and two, use a neon colour spray to create a circle of colour. That is going to leave many people in awe. That’s a given.

  1. Twisted Half-Up Buns

If you are still into half-up topknots, then you need to understand that 2019 is history now, along with all the hair trends it brought. Now, it is time to rock 2020. Twisted half-up bun provides you with a look that you never wore before. You can try this fun hairstyle out by making free-flying messy buns. And do not worry about the hair color or hair type because this hairdo works perfectly for all types and colors of hair.

How to make: Divide your hair from temple to temple for a smaller bun or ear to ear to ear for a bigger bun and split them through the middle. Hold hair on each side of your head and start rolling each side inwards loosely. When you reach from hairline to the crown, pin them in one place. Now finish off by twisting and coiling around the top of your head. Pin again to make it firm.

  1. Slicked Back/Wet knot Hairstyle

Finally, if you have had enough of spending hours to make hairdos, let 2020 be a breath of fresh air for you. And that you can do by going for this clean and polished slicked black hairstyle. This hairstyle rocked on the Carolina Herrera’s 2020 Spring show as models looked dope wearing it. It depends on your how-to what extent you want your hair locked. This is an ideal hairstyle to bring about a sharp look that also fends off the evil eye. You can use this hairstyle from professional to formal to informal occasions, and you will rock al three. No kidding!

How to make: To be honest, your male friend can help you while making this hairstyle because it is a manly hairstyle. To create slicked black hairdo, just rub some hair gel between your wet hands and combing your fingers through your hair. Make sure you keep pushing your hair back while doing so. Complete the hairdo with the hairspray, and you will end up with a speedy wet-look.

If you give these hair trends your best shot in 2020, you can confidently call yourself a trendsetter because that’s what you do. These hairstyle trends might seem a bit odd to you at first glance, but unique flair is what makes them qualified for 2020.

Hair accessories for 2020

So now you know how you are going to spend your 2020 regarding hairstyles, it would be unfair not to introduce you to some extraordinary hair accessories as well. Therefore, we have taken the burden off your shoulders by picking our favorite hair accessories for 2020. Hence, let go off the outdated hair accessories from your closet to make way for these all-new ready-to-rock hair accessories. Have a look.

  1. Aesthetic White and Blue Hair Snap

Despite their small size, hair snaps are great accessories to hold your favorite hairstyles firmly without making any compromises on our fashion statement. This aesthetic hair snap is perfect for styling your short hair or holding in place your long hair strands. It is made of hypoallergenic material i.e., the plastic part is made of bioplastic, and the metal part is nickel-free, which ensures your safety from the nickel allergy. This hair snap is hand encrusted with futuristic Swarovski crystals, which make them all set to rock 2020. It is an affordable hair accessory and has the potential to become your go-top hair accessory. Make sure you do not miss out on it while enlisting your 2020 beauty goals.

arabic hair snap

arabic hair snap 2

Ideal for:This handy hair snap is versatile enough to go with a range of hairstyles, including short chic waves, side styles, buns, and pixie cuts.

  1. Exquisite Hair Stick in Violet and Ivory

Hair sticks are great when it comes to creating Japanese style buns. They can turn your everyday bun to an exceptional one. That is the reason why this exquisite hair stick must be your choice for 2020. It is a lightweight hair stick that is crafted in Europe according to the highest standards of safety and style. That is why it is made with skin-friendly material and is decorated with two Swarovski crystals. The ivory and violet color ensures that you can match this hair stick with countless outfits on a range of occasions. Especially for your workplace look, it works wonders.

violet hair pin

swarovski hair pin

trendy hair pin

Ideal for:This hair stick will come handy when you want to embellish your hairdos such as braided bun, French twist, sock buns, and knots.

If you want to know more about hair sticks and pins, make sure you read this guide to hair sticks and pins.

  1. Decorated Ponytail Holder in Black and White

No matter what year it is, ponytail holders are always going to stay relevant. That is because ponytails are still one of the favorite hairstyles for ladies. This ponytail holder is best in the range because expert artisans in Europe craft it. The elastic is of a high standard that provides a firm grip to your ponytail while the plastic part is made of skin-friendly bioplastic. Now whether you have fine hair or thick hair, long hair, or short hair, this ponytail holder is going to help you create a ponytail like never before. It is also ideal as a hair accessory for kids because it is entirely safe. So, in 2020, let this Swarovski crystal-encrusted, flower-shaped ponytail holder be the harbinger of style and luxury in your beauty life.

Ideal for:Although it is a ponytail holder, it can be used for creating several hairstyles along with the ponytails, including low-slung loop, vertical bow, wet knot, and twisted mohawk.

fancy ponytail holder

fancy ponytail holder elastic

  1. Dog Shaped Luxurious Hair Barrette

Enough with the same old hair barrettes in 2020 and welcome to the hair accessories that are going to surprise the people. If the same is your aim for the year 2020, then this dog-shaped luxurious hair barrette is made for you. This black and white hair barrette is perfect to go with parties, adventures, and even semi-formal events. And what is better than walking your dog while wearing this? The best part is that it is made 24K gold-plated steel to keep you safe from the nickel allergy. Make this Swarovski crystal-encrusted, fancy hair barrette your must-have hair accessory for 2020, and you shall never run out of style. We kid you not!

Ideal for:This hair barrette is ideal for all sorts of hair and hairstyles. We leave it for your creativity.

If you want to know more about hair barrettes, go through this guide for barrettes.

dog shape hair barrette

golden barrette

  1. Special Ornament Bun Cover in Mixed Colour Texture

Bun Covers look amazing when they do their trick with the buns. This special ornament bun cover is specially crafted to provide additional favor for bun loving women. It comes with a mixed color texture that means all hair colors are a natural match for it. It is time to carry your bun differently in 2020, and this bun cover offers you just that. Once you embellish your bun using this bun cover, your bun will become more secure and look classy. And no need to worry about skin allergies because it is crafted using skin-friendly plastic. So, in your quest to take your buns to the next level in 2020, this bun cover can help you a great deal.

Ideal for:This bun cover is ideal for thick hair and large buns. However, you can make your small bun appear bigger using it. It is equally suitable for both short hair and long hair buns.

golden hair stick

Final Thoughts

Each new year brings new trends, and it is always a better idea to be the first one to follow them. Therefore, these hair trends and hair accessories are going to get more and more popular as 2020 moves forward. Get yourself acquainted with them in a timely manner unless you want to be left behind in the fashion race in 2020.

Do you think we missed out on something? Do let us know in the comment section.

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