Top 10 Coolest Hair Barrettes for Girls

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Top 10 Coolest Hair Barrettes for Girls


Do you know who invented the term ‘fashion’? Well, if you don’t, no worries because we neither. And to be honest, it is not important to know that anyway. But what is important or rather crucial to know is how to stay updated with what is happening in the fashion industry. That necessarily means to understand how to stay fashionable.

Now, the 21st century is all about fashion and glamour. Every industry that is associated with fashion in one way or the other has undergone a lot of transformation. New trends are emerging, new products are being introduced, and new hair accessories are filling the gap for fashionable hairstyles.

Hence, in this modern age, you cannot be the coolest girl around if your hair do not support your claim. And they won’t do so unless you make them do so by embellishing them something they really crave. And one of the favorite hair accessories of your hair are hair barrettes

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In fact, hair barrettes are one of the most admired hair accessories. Girls across the globe love hair barrettes for all the coolness they offer. Having said that, below, we have enlisted ten coolest barrettes for you. Our hairstyle experts have handpicked these barrettes.

Here we go!

1.    Medium Size Rectangular Shape Alligator Hair Clip in Onyx

The thing that led this simple-looking hair barrette into this list is its adaptability. Yes, this alligator hair clip in onyx is suitable enough to make pair with whichever type and color of the dress you chose for whatever occasion. This hair barrette is ridiculously good at adapting any event. You wear it with casual jeans, you attend a formal event, you wear it for a party, you match it with your favorite white shirt, this barrette is never going to say No. it is wholly made with skin-friendly materials which are your guaranteed safety from nickel allergy. The alligator clip is pretty good at holding your hair without slipping down. 


alligator clip

alligator clip onyx


2.    Square Shaped Hair Barrette in Mixed Color Texture

If the word coolest can be defined using a hair accessory, this hair barrette would fit the definition. This unique square-shaped hair barrette offers an out of the box solution for your messy hair. If you want to be called a trendsetter, this barrette is your best shot at it. The cool pattern and the design of this barrette is what distinguishes it from the rest, and that is why it made its way to the list of coolest hair barrettes. It is a guaranteed that when you use this hair barrette to embellish your hairdo, ladies are going to ask you where did you get it from. Its exquisite design and pattern do not mean that the skin safety factor has been neglected because it is crafted with hypoallergenic material, both the plastic and metal part. So, to enjoy the unprecedented admiration, make the best use of this hair barrette.

hair clip black

black hair clip 

3.     Belt Shaped Hair Barrette in Black and Ivory

It is always an appealing idea to be creative while crafting new things, and that is what the craftsmen of this hair barrette did. This belt-shaped hair barrette is a fantastic diversion from the normal and can enhance casual look manifold. It is an ideal hair barrette when you are out and about with your friends rocking casual wear like jeans. The idea behind the creation of this barrette is that the way your belt does not let your pant fall and keeps it tied to your waist firmly, this hair barrette also holds your hair tightly and helps you wear your favorite hairdo flawlessly. It is both skin-friendly and pocket-friendly, thus deserving a spot into the list of coolest hair accessories. 


black hair barrette


4.    Unique Bow Shape Hair Barrette in Marlboro Red and Black

When it is time to play with colors, and translate your fun side through your hair accessory, grab this one. This Marlboro red hair barrette is all you need to wear to stand out. This hair barrette is crafted in a way that it looks like two pieces of a puzzle or more like Tetris game bricks. The color is so vibrant that you do not even have to worry whether your hair is appealing enough because this barrette is going to do that job for you seamlessly. It is safe for your skin but dangerously attractive to men. Boldness, vibrancy, safety, and statement, all these words refer to this red hair barrette. And to put the cherry on top, this barrette is one of the most affordable hair accessories. So, what is your excuse?

red hair barrette

red hair barrette back side


5.     Large, Long and Skinny Hair Barrette in White and Blue

Coolness doesn’t come in sizes and shapes. Instead, it is the look that makes things cool. The same is the case with this large-sized skinny hair barrette. This is one of the finest hair barrettes that you can get your hands on to create multiple hairstyles. Whether you have a knack for one died hairdo or you want just to let your hair fall down, this hair barrette covers it all for you. Another plus point is the skin-friendly quality that makes it a hypoallergenic hair accessory. The lethal combination of blue and white makes sure your hair looks extraordinary throughout every occasion. When you can get all these coolest qualities in one hair barrette, why not add it to your closet?


long skinny barrette

long skinny barrette back side

6.    Extra Large Oval Hair Barrette in Abstract Black and White

Look at this hair barrette and think about your hair; perfect match, eh? Why won’t it be when this extra-large hair barrette is specially crafted to do so? This abstract designed hair barrette is a thing of beauty, but its grip is out of the world. The extra-large size means no matter how thick hair you have, it will accommodate them without letting any single hair escape. Made with the most excellent skin-friendly metal and plastic, protection from nickel allergy is a guarantee. Not only this, but it also comes decorated with cool looking original Swarovski crystals, which enhance the 3D engravings even more. So, if you are a working woman and struggle about choosing a hair accessory whenever there is an official meeting, this hair barrette is the solution you have been looking for. Cool, isn’t it?

large black oval hair barrette

large hair barrette in ornaments

model wearing hair barrette


7.     Rectangular Shape Hair Barrette in Black and Blue

If you want a hair barrette that you can wear both in day timings as well as night, this rectangular hair barrette will come handy. This hair barrette is the jack of all trades ranging from professional to formal and semi-formal to casual occasions altogether. It is well suited to medium and long hair and holds on to the hair pretty firmly. He coolest thing about this hair barrette is that it comes with anti-slip innovation, which means it has a rubber grip over the metal part. So, dancing at the night parties won’t be a problem anymore, and you are very less likely to lose this barrette. It is also made with bioplastic, which is a skin-friendly material. The duo of black with blue Swarovski crystals looks just like shining stars on a night. Just wow!

black hair barrette with blue swarovski

blue swarovski crystals in hair barrette


8.     Dog Shaped Hair Barrette in Black and White

Whether you love dogs or not, this hair barrette is going to make sure you start doing. Made with exquisite craftsmanship and hand encrusted with Swarovski crystals all over, this dog-shaped hair barrette is all about making a statement at any occasion. The metal grip is made of stainless steel that is gold-plated so that your skin stays safe from the nickel allergy. It is an ideal hair accessory if you are an animal lover and against the abuse of animals. This hair barrette helps you in both domains. Raising the standards of your looks and raising your voice against animal abuse. And if you are wondering how your hair is going to look with this, well, trust us, they are going to look dope. No compromise!

dog shape hair barrette

gold clip of hair barrette


9.     Long and Skinny Hair Barrette in Horn Wood

If you just got your hair dyed or want your hairdo to be more prominent than the hair accessory without having to worry about the loosening of your hairdo, pick this hair barrette. It is a long and skinny hair barrette with horn wood texture. It is ideal for all sorts of events and keeps your hair in one place. It is also great for matching with your dress or leather accessories such as your clutch and footwear. Also, garden parties are incomplete if your hair are missing out on something that represents nature, and this hair barrette does exactly that for you. So, in your quest to accessorize your hair without crossing a certain limit, employ this hair barrette, and forget the rest. 

light wood hair barrette

long hair barrette back side


10. Very Large and Transparent Hair Barrette 

Sometimes colors fail to do the magic that a transparent thing brings about. Think of water; although it is open it quenches the thirst better than any other drink. In a similar fashion, this transparent barrette comes into play when you are confused between choosing colors. The coolest thing about a transparent hair barrette is that it can be worn with any color of the world because it adapts so perfectly. Because it is transparent, it doesn’t mean its grip is weak. It grips all types of hair easily thanks to its extra-large size. It comes decorated with Swarovski crystals and is suitable for all kinds of skins and occasions.

green hair barrette

green hair barrette



The choice of hair barrette has become absolutely crucial in this era of the fashion industry. While other hair accessories offer different styling elements, hair barrettes remain at the top. Therefore, always take care of all the aspects before giving your barrette purchases a go. This will save not only your time but also money and effort. And the result will be a transformed look altogether. Buying these hair barrettes will save you from many headaches because we already di the research part for you. Just grab your desired hair barrette and let it do the trick. 


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