Hair Sticks and Pins; A Guide to History, Tips, Hairdos, and Products

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History, Tips, Hairdos, and Products - All You Need to Know About Hair Sticks and Pins

Do you have the oldest hair accessory of entire human history in your closet? Well, we aren’t saying that your wardrobe is some sort of a museum where you keep the ancient artifacts. We just want to let you know that according to archaeologists, hair sticks and pins are the oldest hair accessories.

Yes, unlike you, women in ancient times did not have the luxury of choosing from an extensive range of hair accessories. Therefore, they opted to tie their hair with something that was easy to make and easy to hold their hair.

No wonder why hair sticks and pins were their go-to hair accessory. History is evident that even thorns and animal bones were used as a means to keep hair in place. But that doesn’t mean hair sticks and pins lost their utility in modern times. Instead, countless hair sticks and pins are being used by women around the world. 

Hence, if you have the oldest hair accessory in your closet, you should be proud of yourself. And if you don’t, no worries, we will let you know everything about hair sticks and pins. We will also guide your way to some of the most fashionable hair sticks and pins so that you can reinforce your beauty arsenal. 

Let’s get started!

History of Hair Sticks and Pins

If you turn the pages of history, you will be amazed to know for how long hair sticks and pins have been in use. They are almost as old as human beings themselves. Initially, hair sticks and pins were made from natural resources such as plants, thorns, and bones, etc. However, as time passed and women started being conscious of their looks, hair sticks and pins began to be significantly decorated. 

A large number of hair pins have been found at the excavation sites of various ancient civilizations, including Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. The best part of the hair sticks and pins in history is that they were employed equally by women from any financial status no matter rich or poor. Such widespread use of this handy hair accessory speaks volumes about its utility. 

According to the history books, the culture that used and influences hair sticks and pins the most were the Japanese. Even the majority of the modern Japanese women can be seen decorating and holding their hair with traditional hair pins. 

Now that you know the part hair sticks and pins played in making women more beautiful in history; let’s talk about doing the same for you. So, if you have hair sticks and pins already or are planning to purchase some unique ones and have no idea how to wear them, then let us deal with the elephant in the room first. 

How to Use Hair Sticks?

Embellishing your hair with hair sticks and pins is no rocket science. Yet, it is not as easy as one, two, three either. The best and easiest way to insert the hair stick into your hair is by placing it in accordance with your preference or hairdo and then gently pushing it. These are fun and pretty easy to use. You may weave it up and down while drawing it to anchor it through your preferred hairstyle such as bun, braid or ponytail, etc. 

The extent of push on the hair stick or pin also depends on your choice. Pushing it all the way down will hold your hairdo more firmly. However, if you have a decorated pin at your disposal, you would want to keep a part of it outside the hairstyle so that it does both jobs together. A longer hair stick under such circumstances would be a better idea.

Although for hair sticks, the idea of matching or contrasting with your dress is not essential, yet it is never wrong to showcase your fashion statement by doing so.

Where to Buy Hair Sticks and Pins?

Now that you are convinced that you desperately need to have hair sticks and pins, the next question that arises your mind is this. Although all the hair accessories are readily available in the markets, you can save yourself a trip by ordering online. 

And why not? It is the age of the internet, and all it takes is a few clicks to buy anything you want. And the best part of online shopping is that people in one corner of the world can order products from the other corner of the world. Many online stores can serve the purpose for you. However, buying online also involves the risk factor as you cannot check the quality of the product unless it reaches your hands. 

Therefore, always go for quality stores such as Kosmart to get all your hair accessories related problems solved. The best practice would be to read customer reviews about the store and the product before going forward with the purchase. Just like ordinary stores, online stores offer products more frequently. So, finding your favorite hair sticks and pins shouldn’t be a problem at all when you have the internet at your disposal.

How to Make Hairstyles with Hair Sticks and Pins?

You can have all the hair sticks and pins of the world, but if you do not know how to put them to proper use, they are useless. If you are facing a similar situation or ran out of hairstyling ideas, then no need to worry. Below we have listed some of the finest and fashionable hairstyles that you can create yourself using hair sticks and pins. We have also explained how to make them. And the best part is it doesn’t matter you have short hair or long, thick hair or thin, these hairstyles are easy to make. Excited? Won’t make you wait anymore. 

  • Braided Bun

Buns are the most obvious hairstyles when it comes to hair sticks and pins. Braided bun works well for any type of hair, but if you have long hair, you have an edge. You can easily make this bun by going the following way.

  • As a first step, simply twist your hair to make a high bun.
  • Keep on twisting the hair till they coil around themselves. 
  • Keep hold of the bun using the end piece, make it loose or tight as you prefer.
  • Take your magical hair pin and weave several layers of hair around it. Stop only when it touches the skin. 
  • Finally, slide the hair stick into the bun. Tada! You have got yourself an amazing bun. 
  • The French Twist

Another fantastic hairdo that you can wear thanks to the hair sticks is the modern French twist. French twists are suitable for both long and short hair. Here is how you can create it all by yourself:

  • Firstly, make a one-sided French braid. 
  • Now, start twisting the braid to the opposite side around your head. 
  • After that, simply plait the rest of the hair to a regular plait down to the bottom. Keep holding the end firmly. 
  • Choose the loose plait and then twist it around itself to make a lower bun. 
  • Now, all you need to do is use your hair pin and weave it via multiple strands of hair until it becomes firm. That’s it!
  • Chinese Braided Bun
  • Let’s just agree that, in addition to the Japs, Chinese women make the best buns out there. However, it is not very difficult to don a Chinese braided bun. 
  • Start with gathering your hair as a ponytail at the crown. Secure the ponytail with a ponytail holder
  • Now, divide the hair in ponytail into a couple of equal parts. 
  • Braid both the parts separately to get two braids. 
  • Now, insert the hair stick through the braided hair just behind the ponytail holder.
  • Lastly, coil the braids around the ponytail holder behind the stick. To finish off, tuck in the ends to avoid hair scattering. Congratulations on making your first Chinese Braided Bun.
  • The Sock Bun

You read it right, this bun literally involves a sock. However, do not judge the sock by its looks because it gives you a fantastic bun. You can use any old sock of yours, and that will do the trick. 

  • Firstly, decide the sock because the length of the sock’s size determines the size of the bun.
  • Now, take the sock and poke a hole in it. After that, and roll it from the toes up.
  • Gather your hair around the crown high up on your head. Tie them down with a ponytail 
  • Now comes the crucial step. You need to twist your hair to make it look like a rope and then slide them through the sock until it pushes against the ponytail holder. Now let the strands untwist. 
  • While leaning over slowly, spread the hair over the sock to cover it completely. Secure the spread-out hair over the sock by using another ponytail holder. 
  • Finally, get back to the straight standing position. Start pushing the hair down gently so that the rest of the hair spread under the sock bun. Insert a hair stick to take your hairdo to the next level both in terms of elegance and firmness.
  • Hair Knot

Basically, this is simply a bun with ponytail emerging from within. It is an out of the box hairdo that you can easily create at your home using a hair stick. In order to make this:

  • Fold your hair towards the center at the crown. Now, twist all your hanging hair to bring them over and around. This way you will end up tying your hair in a knot
  • As the second step, make the part of the knot that is coming out hand loosely. Use two hair sticks to hold the hair in place.
  • Allow the ends of your hair to hang loosely or make a braid out of them. Simple yet elegant. 

8 Tips to Use Hair Sticks and Pins

Getting your hands-on hair sticks and pins will also make you research for tips to use them in the best possible way. That is why we are here to help. The following are the tips you must keep in mind when you decorate your hair with hair sticks and pins. 

  1. Choice of hair stick 

Getting your hands on hand on hair sticks and pins can be a tricky business. The material, color, and length of the hair sticks should be kept in mind. Make sure that the sticks and pins are flawless and novel. 

  1. Skin Friendly Hair sticks

If you have a knack for metallic hair sticks and pins, then make sure you do not have an allergy. Because a nickel-made hair stick can make things really painful for you if you are allergic to it. Therefore, going for hair sticks made of bioplastic is a better idea. 

  1. Quality of the stick

Another vital aspect to take care of is the quality of the sticks.Whether you opt for a wooden or plastic stick, make sure it is strong enough to live up to its price. Because if your hair stick just breaks apart when it falls on the floor, then you probably made the wrong choice.

  1. Hairdo

You also need to keep in consideration the hairdo you are about to make with the hair stick or pin. Each hairstyle is of different size and shape and thus demands a specific hair stick. 

  1. Avoid the use of force

Hairs ticks and pins are a delicate decorative hair accessory, and you should respect that. It is strongly suggested not to push the hairs stick in your hair forcefully. If you feel that there is a lot of resistance, do not push hard lest you should end up breaking it. The best solution would be to change the angle slightly to avoid resistance. 

  1. Type of hair

If, by any chance, your hair are too silky or delicate, then consider braiding them first. It will not only help you hold the bun firmly but will also ensure that the stick or pin doesn’t slide down. Also, you will end up with a beautiful bun. 

  1. Position of the stick

Make sure that you work your hair stick close to your scalp and not the farthest. The idea is not to hold bigger locks because they do not help maintain the bun securely. Instead, focus on the smaller locks to make a much more comfortable and securer hairdo. Also, the higher you insert the hair stick, the securer it becomes because gravity is going to do its thing anyway. 

  1. Be Creative 

Remember that you are not restricted by any means when it comes to making hairdos. Be creative with your hair sticks and insert them in to your bun in different ways. Breaking away from traditional ways can actually help you decorate a unique bun that no one ever saw. 

5 Best and Trendiest Hair Sticks and Pins

Now that you know almost everything about hair sticks and pins and how you can make them work for you most exceptionally. Let us go the extra mile and introduce you to some of the best hair sticks and pins you can gift to your hair. Let’s go!

  • Medium Size Fork Shape Hair Stick in Black

Let’s start with something simple yet elegant. This medium-sized black hair stick is one of the most affordable hair accessories yet tops the range in terms of quality. It is shaped like the teeth of a fork to give your hair a premium hold and look at the same time. Its elegance is increased manifold by the solitary crystal from the original Swarovski range. It is perfect for both working women and housewives. The gap between both the teeth of this hair stick indicates that it is perfectly suitable for thick and. And you know the best part? No metal is used in it, which means it is completely hypoallergenic and safe for your skin. So, if you want to hold your bun without becoming too much prominent, this is the hair stick you should go for. 

hair stick black

black hair stick

Japanese Hair Stick in Pewter Grey and Raspberry

If you are a fan of Japanese buns, then this hair accessory can help you achieve that. Its carefully crafted design with a minimalist touch complements your hair in a way that you just can’t help admiring. It is a medium-sized hair stick that works perfectly with both short hair and long hair. It is ideal for women who do not want to spend too much time on making hairdos but still want their hair look great. This hair stick is best for Formal, semi-formal and even festive or special occasions. The choice of colors for this hair stick and the Swarovski crystal is extremely gorgeous. It is entirely safe for your skin because it is solely made of skin-friendly bioplastic. 

pewter color hair stick

swarovski hair stick

model with swarovski hair stick

  • Fork Shaped Fancy Hair Stick in Pink and Black

When you want your hairstyle and the hair stick to look equally good, this hair stick comes into play. Handcrafted by experts in hair accessories in France, this pink and black hair stick is all about letting people know your fantastic sense of style. You can rock this hair stick on a variety of occasions including formal and professional ones. This is a fancy hair stick that exhibits the quality of elegance. The color scheme ensures that you can wear it with a number of dresses. It is a metal-free hair accessory and protects your skin from the notorious nickel allergy. 

pink hair stick

back side of pink hair fork

  • Knot Shaped Hair Stick in Onyx

When you cast a glance at this hair stick, you cannot help praise its craftsmanship. One end of this hair stick is twisted, just like a knot that gives it an exquisite look. It also ensures that the stick doesn’t slide down, and you won’t lose it. It is made with high-quality bioplastic that is scientifically proven safe for sensitive skin. This is a versatile hair stick, and the Onyx pattern on it means you can put it on to impress people on all kinds of occasions, including formal, informal, and casual. Matches well with a wide range of dresses and helps to hold your hair firmly in one place. To get this unique hair stick, you won’t have to break your bank as it comes in an inexpensive price range. So, what is your excuse? 

model with onyx hair pin

onyx hair stick

  • Flowery Hair Pin in Black and Turquoise

This hair pin is all about fun and candidness. Whether you want to show your love for unique colors or want to hold your child’s bun in style, this is the hair pin you should set your eyes on. It is made with skin-friendly material, and the flower on the turquoise flower on its head can turn any type of hairdo into an adventurous one. You can put it on for parties, adventures, and garden events. At the center of the flower, you will find an exquisite Swarovski crystal, which reflects the highest quality of this pin. Therefore, if you think you do not have a hair pin for parties, make sure you do not miss out on it. 

hair fork with flower

flower hair pin

model wearing hair pin with flower


Hair sticks and pins have made a dramatical come back but are still quite unique because you won’t find many women wearing them. This means you can stun your friends and colleagues by stylishly using them, before hair sticks and become a widespread trend. Keep all the tips and suggestions in mind when you go online to order your favorite hair pins and sticks. The difference between your same old hairdos and their transformation is now in your hands. Make that count!

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