Perfect & Stunning Accessories to Flaunt your Short Hair in Style

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                Perfect & Stunning Accessories to Flaunt your Short Hair in Style 

Hair Accessories help you in establishing a fashion statement & beautifying your hair. They play a huge role in creating a unique fashion identity and differentiate your style sense from the rest. Just by adding embellished hair barrettes and hair clips, subtle headband or a bunch of cute & quirky hair snaps you can add glamour to your entire look &create a new vibe and style for your hair. 

While long hair offers numerous styling options with the help of braids, buns and updo hairstyles, styling short hair is difficult. This is where hair accessories come in action. They are an interesting way to make your short hair standout & grab eyeballs that too without making much investment & effort.You can give your hair a unique look every day with cute hair accessories & enjoy the confidence that comes along with looking different& beautiful.

The biggest perk of short hair is it makes you look effortlessly cool & sophisticated. And for short hair you don't need a variety of clips, claws & bands to keep your locks under control, a single right accessory can add style & definition to your overall look. Whether it is a classy hair tie or a statement hair barrette, a quality hair accessory can add a flash of interest into your hair.

Here is the list of perfect & stunning hair accessories for girls with short hair 

Hair Snaps 

hair snaps

Hair Snap is a must to have hair accessory.  You can secure your hair backward, make a half updo or secure your bunny or ponytail with this trendy hair snap. Hair snaps come in various designs, shapes & sizes. While some have unique geometric designs or patterns on the top, others are embedded with crystals. You can also stick the hair snaps on either side of your head or layer them up on the same side to create a cute sophisticated look.

They are can be worn every day. They help in keeping the growing bangs or fringes out of your face while adding style to your hair.



Needless to say, a headband is a must for the ultimate low maintenance style update. It has been one of the latest trends of the past few years. It looks exceptionally great with short hair. You can place it simply on your head or create some volume at the crown when you are wearing a headband.

One slide behind the ears and your hair is sorted for the day. Wearing a headband, not only offers you comfort but it gives you that cool & sassy look without any effort.

With a headband, you will not have to worry about styling your hair. It keeps you in style day long. You can complement headbands with ponytails, hair barrettes, & hair claws. 

Embellished Hair Barrettes 

Embellished Hair Barrettes


Hair Barrettes are very popular and versatile hair accessories and the variety in collections makes it an amazing option for everyone. For a stylish modern look, place it at the side, above or behind the ear. 

You can make your short hair look pretty cool by using a hair barrette encrusted with crystal or using a statement piece as shown below.

dog hair barrette

Hair Clips

metal free hair clip

Hair Clips have emerged as one of the most stylish hair accessories. Hair clips are in high demand especially the one that is molded into some interesting geometric shapes. The shape hair clips are high on-trend this season. 

You can secure your hair simply backward or pair it with a bun or half-tied hair to make it look splendid on your short hair.

girls hair accessories

Hair Clip shaped like a bow is a perfect representation of the girl inside you. It helps you attain that easy-breezy chic look and at the same time is very convenient also.

Hair Side Combs

hair side combs

Similar to mini comb, this accessory is one of the oldest hair accessories that have never been out of trend. It is sophisticated & can take your look to the next level. Hair Side Comb is mostly used with a bun but you can also use it to half tie your hair. 

The perk of Hair Side Comb is that it allows you to keep your hair untangled all day long & secures your hair perfectly.

Hair Claws 

hair claws

Hair Claws help in adding sass to your short hair.  Hair claws come in various shapes and can be selected depending on your choice and need. They are best hair accessories to grip your hair tightly and secure various hairstyles such as side twist, side braid on short hair or you can simply use a hair claw to half tie your hair backward or sideward.

Hair sticks & Hair Pins 

hair sticks and pins

Hair Sticks & Hair Pins add style quotient to your short hair. It allows you to create unique hairstyles& take your hairdo to the next level. It is an ultimate accessory for short hair. Go for hair sticks that are not too big for the volume of your hair as it will look tacky and fall out. 

Hair Sticks have been around for decades and have never lost their popularity since then.

The latest trend in Hair Sticks & Hairpins is animal prints which can never go wrong for your hair.

Bun Covers 

hair bun cover

This might come to you as a surprise but, Bun Covers look extremely stylish on short hair. They can help your hair look prominent & elegant while giving a classy & unique appearance. You can create a half bun leaving the below portion of hair loose or tie your whole hair into a bun. 

Since you are updated with hair accessories that make short hair look perfect & effortlessly beautiful. Let’s take a look at easy hairstyles that you can create on short hair with these accessories.

Easy Twist Hairdo with Hair Snaps Or Hair Clips 

For this hairstyle, you require either hair clips or hair snaps depending on your comfort, a ponytail holder, comb and hair spray (optional). 

Firstly, detangle your hair with a comb and then spritz on some texturing spray to secure the hair in the hairstyle for long. You can create the hairstyle even without spray but the latter adds volume to your hair & sets it together for long. After that part, your hair down the middle & pick small sections from hair & comb them. Twist or roll your hair & pin it with hair snap at the back. Once you have done it for one side, repeat on the other side. At last, tie the twists together either with a ponytail holder/ hairband or a hair clip.

Side Braid 

For Side Braid hairstyle you require hair snaps, a ponytail holder, and a comb. 

Firstly, comb your hair to detangle it & leave a section of hair from the front portion and tie up the rest with a hairband. Now, braid the left section till the end into a simple braid & then secure it with hair snaps at the side of your head. This hairstyle looks great on hair & gives you groomed in a few minutes. 

Are you confused about where to get the best hair accessories from?

Choosing the best hair accessories can prove to be an overwhelming task, especially when the world is flooded with offline as well as online options. Kosmart is a well- established brand that offers you the finest hair & fashion accessories. The hair accessories are handmade from special bio-plastic, which is up to 95% made of wood and cotton. Compared to the machine-made pieces, the surface is finer & there is no presence of plastic excess around the hand-polished edges.

The crystals used in handmade barrettes; hair jaws, headbands, and all other accessories are original crystals from Swarovski & are polished to the finest precision. The Kosmart Hair Accessories complement both casual, party, And office wear. The accessories are curated into unique & beautiful designs that fulfill all your requirements.

The metal parts that are used in the accessories are made in France and are nickel-free. Since the accessories are made from Bioplastic also known as cellulose acetate bio-renewable plastic has less harmful effects on the environment. It produces fewer greenhouse gases compared to common plastics during the process of manufacturing.