Ideal Earrings for Sensitive Skin

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Ideal Earrings for Sensitive Skin

Do Not Buy Earrings Before Reading This

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Just imagine, you scoop up a brand-new pair of earrings (lucky you), and you are very excited to put them on at a fantastic weekend party. And at the nick of time, you realize that you made a big mistake because you grabbed a pair of earrings that are made of nickel. Nightmare, right? 

Is there a nightmare more dreadful for a girl than not being able to put on her favorite jewelry just because she might catch an allergy? Come to think of it; you spend some serious amount of money to buy a pair of earrings only to realize later that you cannot use them. 

Really harsh, isn’t it? But the fact is that a large percentage of women are allergic to some metals that are used in the making of jewelry, and nickel is at the top of the list. In the US only, 10 percent of women suffer from nickel allergy. That turns out to be millions of women. Mindboggling!

And trust me, nickel allergy is a serious thing for those who suffer from it. It causes the skin to turn red, bumpy, itchy, and blistery all at the same time. 

The painful ordeal that comes with Nickel allergy makes many women decide that they will never wear jewelry again. And at Kosmart, we believe that no woman should ever be subject to such circumstances that force her to stop wearing jewelry, be it hair accessoriesearringsrings or bracelets. And if you find it difficult to decide which one to buy, take advantage of our earrings style guide.


We also believe that every woman deserves to put on whatever they want. And to ensure that, we craft nickel-free, hypoallergenic, high-quality earrings which any girl with sensitive skin can wear without giving a second thought. 

Before we showcase these innovative earrings for girls with sensitive skin, let’s try to understand the allergies caused by nickel and how to avoid them.

What Is Nickel Allergy?

Nickel is a ubiquitous metal that is used in many day-to-day items such as jewelry, glasses, coins, tools, keys, and utensils, etc. It is evident from these items that nickel is there in almost all metallic things. 

However, it is also a reality that nickel is the most common cause of skin allergies. The kind of allergy caused by nickel is called allergic contact dermatitis or eczema. This allergy comes into play when nickel comes into direct contact with the skin.

If your skin is sensitive to nickel contact, it can take up to 3 days or more for symptoms to appear after the contact was made. In some cases, immediate allergies have also been noticed. 

Some women fall allergic to nickel even during the process of ear-piercing. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to stay vigilant while choosing your jewelry, especially earrings.

How to Know If You Are Allergic to Nickel?

It is not very complicated to come to a conclusion when you are allergic to nickel. Some specific symptoms might surface when nickel does its thing to your skin. These symptoms range from mild to severe, depending on the extent of the allergy. These symptoms include:

Reddish skin



Burning sensations,


Cracked skin etc.

And in some rare cases, the swelling can expand beyond the area in contact. 

Another form of nickel allergy that is a bit more sever is known as systemic nickel allergy syndrome. This syndrome can cause a wide range of illnesses such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, and diarrhea. 

And the worst part is that that once your skin becomes sensitive to nickel, it lasts for a lifetime. Hence, avoiding all the accessories, jewelry, and items that contain nickel is essential to an allergy-free life. 

So, What Kind of Earrings Are Ideal for Sensitive Ears?

It is clear by now that if you have sensitive ears, nickel is not your thing. But no need to worry because there are better replacements for nickel earrings. Just make sure that when you are out for shopping to grab some skin-friendly earrings, read the tags for two words; Hypoallergenic Earrings. And when you find these words on your desired earrings’ label, take no time to buy them. 

Hypoallergenic Earrings

As the term suggests, hypoallergenic earrings refer to those earrings that are unlikely to cause any skin allergy. Hypoallergenic earrings are made of some specific materials that are known as skin-friendly. So, if you have sensitive skin, do not give up on earrings at all. You have many stylish options at your disposal. Let’s cast a glance.

1. Titanium-based Earrings

According to skin specialists, titanium is one of the safest metals when it comes to allergies. People with sensitive skin can use titanium-made jewelry without any caution. Titanium is also known for its incredible corrosion-resistant properties.

In fact, owing to its sophistication, titanium is considered on par with gold. This metal imparts a unique flair to the jewelry and is a safe option to invest in for earrings. Earrings that have a titanium pin are going to make your ears feel great again. 

Due to skin-friendly properties, titanium has become the first choice for biomedical implants. It showcases excellent biocompatibility and brings about amazing results every time. 

Moreover, experts suggest that never go for low-quality products just because they are low-priced. Instead, choose good quality products even if you have to spend some extra bucks. This decision turns out to be safe and economical in the longer run. 

Now that you know the secret to skin-friendly metal for earrings let us help you a bit more. Below you can find some of the best earrings with titanium pins. These earrings pair safety and elegance in one place. Have a look.

Titanium Pin Earrings Mated with Swarovski Crystal Pearls

When titanium pins make a duo with Swarovski crystal pearls, the outcome is fascinating. These healthy, yet fancy earrings are rapidly becoming the favorite earrings of women. Not only women with skin problems but also of those who do not have any skin allergies. 

Kosmart proudly crafts these earrings in consultation with skin specialists and dermatologists. You can name them the healthy fashion earrings that are delicately made in Europe. When putting on, titanium pin earrings add a dual flair to your personality. You feel confidents because you won’t face any allergy, and you look elegant because these earrings make you look so.

titanium earrings

These earrings come in a wide variety of crystal colors such as black, grey, dark lapis, iridescent green, light gold, and pink. You can go through the complete catalog of these earrings here. And the best part is that you can buy these earrings without a shadow of doubt because a certificate of authenticity backs them. 

Perfect for any occasion, you can rock these earrings at cocktail parties as well as formal events. And you will hit the nail on the head. That’s a given.

Round Shaped Titanium Earrings

Round shaped titanium earrings are for those ladies who have a knack for sleek yet fashionable earrings. Given the state-of-the-art design, these earrings offer you a look that is sophisticated, light, and chic all at the same time. Despite their shiny surface, they aren’t going to cause you any skin allergies. 

At Kosmart, highly skilled professionals handcraft these earrings while keeping in view all the safety and beauty standards. Their highly detailed look, polished surface, and remarkable finishing is the evidence of exquisite craftsmanship. 

round shape titanium earrings

Along with reinforcing your personality, you can also gift these earrings as a wedding gift or valentine’s day present. At first glance, the earrings in this collection might seem similar to you; they are all unique and special in different ways. Each pair of round shaped earrings will add a unique flair to your personality. 

Whether you are going to attend a marriage or aiming to refresh your fashion statement, these earrings are ideal in every way. Choose from a vast range of sizes and colors to match your charisma. So, if you are all set to rock on without compromising on your health, make sure you do not miss out on these game-changer earrings. 

Cube-Shaped Titanium Earrings

Cube-shaped earrings might not be very popular, but they add a lot of character to anyone wearing them. Most of the cube-shaped earrings are manufactured by nickel or its alloys which make them a tough choice for the fashion enthusiasts. However, cube-shaped titanium earrings are the perfect solution to this problem. 

cube shapre titanium earrings

That is why we make sure these earrings remain part and parcel of our long list of quality products. Provided their unparalleled trendy look, these earrings are a perfect accessory for you when you are out-and-about in a bid to show off your great unmatched sense of style. 

Just like other earrings, cube-shaped earrings also come in all sizes and shapes. You can match them with your outfit by choosing from this all-inclusive list. 

2. Metal-Free Earrings

If your last experience with metals was harrowing (thanks to nickel) and you just can’t think of metal earrings anymore, then these are the earrings made for you. Metal-free earrings are no less in aestheticism to the metal earrings. They are lightweight and easy to carry.

Metal-free earrings are perfect for women of any age. These are especially ideal for little girls who are more likely to catch allergies. In addition to that, these earrings come in so many designs that you can match them literally with any outfit from your wardrobe.

And the best part is that they won’t cost you an arm and a leg to buy them. So, you get safety and economy in one deal. 

Below we have listed some of our hot favorite metal free earrings for you. 

Flower Shape Metal Free Earrings

These earrings are cute and elegant at the same time. Made in Europe with the finest quality bioplastic material, these earrings are sure to make you feel safe, comfortable, and confident all the time. 

flower shape metal free earrings

Since these earrings are made of 100% plastic, they never cause skin allergy to even the most allergic women. The flower-shaped earrings suit perfectly when you choose to wear them with a colorful trendy outfit. 

A pair of flower-shaped earrings not only allow you to add playful and quirky character, but it also injects a stream of confidence into your charm. Pick from our favorite range of colors and impress the world with your unique style.

Square Shape Metal Free Earring

No arguments here, when it comes to a more classic or professional look, nothing can beat these earrings. Square shaped earrings look great with an extensive variety of costumes. 

square shape metal free earrings

Made with pure bioplastic, you can put them on and leave all your fears behind because they can take care of your ears better than you. Do not forget to seek help from your imagination while pairing them with different outfits. They make a perfect combo with patterned shirts.

metal free earrings model wearing

You can be playful with them and chose two different square-shaped plastic earrings to show off your exceptional sense of style. And the best part is that they come in many sizes and colors to come handy whenever you are in need.

Drop Shaped Metal Free Earring

If you have a strong liking for a more put-together look without compromising on health and safety, these drop shaped metal free earrings should be your first choice. They are the perfect replacement for metal earrings and can accompany you on a variety of events. 

drop shape metal free earrings

Drop-shaped metal free earrings are made under the strict supervision of expert artisans who make no compromise on even the most delicate details. These are proudly made by Kosmart in Europe abiding by all the quality and safety standards.

Grab a pair of these earrings and forget about skin allergies and dull looks. These are your chance to refresh your persona in an all-new way. Let’s rock!



It doesn’t matter if you are a diehard fashionista, the first thing you shouldn’t compromise on is not your fashion statement, but your health. Health is wealth, and you just cannot ignore it. Hence, before deciding to purchase earrings, you must consider the metal used in it. If you are not allergic to nickel, well and good, and you can buy any earrings of your choice. But if you are prone to nickel allergy or want to avoid a potential allergy, make sure you go for skin-friendly materials or metal-free earrings. Always go for quality products and do not fall into the trap of low-quality products because of their price tags. We wish you an allergy-free life. 

Good luck!