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Calendar spring has finally sprung and lots of people would normally add some new fresh colors to their lives: starting with some gorg tulips from the flower markets in the main town square and finishing with even smallest details - accessories. For a good while I am "preparing my winter tires in summer" - I would get some pieces for spring or summer in the winter sales and I would then wait forever for those warm sunny days to wear my new shoes or leather jacket. However, new season can be brightened up not only with that amazing pair of shoes or great dress - exclusive, interesting and different accessory (earrings, bracelet, watch, etc. ) can be such a good detail for that new season or even a start of a new week. So today I would like to tell you a bit more about that nice small piece of mine that topped up my accessories box. What is so different about them, why are they interesting and why are they the way they are? What is in general Geometrix Healthy fashion earrings by Kosmart?

Kosmart earrings

Before I dig deeper in the earrings, I have to mention yet again - I think around last two years earrings to me relates not only to the design and look, but also to the comfort. If before that I would wear any type of earrings just because they look good and might not be as comfy, now I just couldn't wear a pair of earrings if they aren't comfy as every day I have to wear my helmet in the mornings and evenings, so I need to make sure that earrings don't stick into my neck when wearing all of that jazz together. To forestall it all - this kinda comfort test Geometrix Healthy fashion earrings have partially passed! :) 

Kosmart earrings
So, what exactly are Geometrix Healthy fashion earrings and what does the brand says about it?
Kosmart states that beauty is in the details, so the company brings those unique handmade details to the customer. From the first to the last stage all Kosmart healthy fashion earrings are handmade in Lithuania  by highly experienced craftsmen in the workshop. Quite a lot earrings are hand-encrusted with finest quality Swarovski crystals and they come with a unique code and hologram confirming the authenticity. The company also provides a one-year warranty in the unlikely event a Swarovski crystal becomes dislodged. Company is using a bio-plastic that has up to 95% natural ingredients such as wood and cotton. The earrings are made of 100% plastic without metal parts - this is what makes them hypoallergenic healthy fashion earrings!
Kosmart earrings
Firstly I want to mention that these earrings seemed not only high quality to me - they are very very lightweight! Even when you hold them in your hands - you almost don't feel holding a thing :) And this is exactly what I am currently looking in the earrings - to not only be somewhat visible, pretty and different, but also be lightweight and not to irritate my ears. Due to the bio-plastic that they are made from, earrings are so light that you can't feel them in the ears. If not their thickness - I would even forget that I have earrings on when wearing these :)
Another good thing about these things - the variety of the design. From different shapes to different color variations and Swarovski crystals - Kosmart will definitely serve everyone's taste. It is also very nice that company is currently making only one type of earrings - close to ear. No hanging bits, no headache. The set comes with four "caps" so you also don't need to worry if you lose one - there is always a solution to it :) No need to cut that rubber and use it for closing the earring as we used to do when in school, you know.. 
And another great side of the product - tension-free and break-free 360° pin movement. In a way it somehow assures that I won't break or lose them under my helmet. Company just made sure that earrings will stay in a place where they were put.
Kosmart earrings
Unfortunately, as I have mentioned in the beginning, these earrings partially passed my comfort test. Why?
There is only one minus that I have found so far - the pin of the earring seems just a bit too thick  (it is a bit hard to put it into the ear) and too long for me, so when I am wearing a helmet, I can feel wearing the earrings. And also I feel a slight discomfort when wearing these and answering the phone (which I do quite a lot when at work). I am not sure if the pin can be shortened manually as it's made of plastic and shouldn't be too hard to do so - I might just get in touch with the manufacturer and check, cause I would love to have them fully perfect for me :) I like the design of them and color combination a lot, so eliminating this small annoying bit would be ideal!
So as you can see, Kosmart pays lots of attention not only to the design of their products, but also to how they are made. This huge attention to detail for the materials used, for the earrings being hand-made in Lithuania only makes the want to try them out bigger and bigger. When I was looking at their e-shop and trying to choose a pair it was actually so so hard because of the amount and variety of their designs! I love them being so close to the ear, I love both shapes used - round and square, I also wanted to try out something crazy bright for the spring but in a way wanted to stay loyal to my browns, so I picked what I have picked, although it really was a hard one. But being €14 a pair and having genuine Swarovski crystal encrusted, you can't really go wrong with giving it a shot and treating yo'self, right? :) 
Kosmart earrings