Review for "Medium size rectangular shape Hair barrette in White and black"

Medium size rectangular shape Hair barrette in White and black

Luxurious Hair barrette is handmade in Europe. Metal part is made of white bronze without nickel to avoid skin allergies. Hair barrette is suitable for medium length hair. Product is hand encrusted with Swarovski® crystals and comes with certificate to validate its authenticity. Hair barrette is made of bioplastic - cellulose acetate. With a 3 dimensional engraving. This item has Rubber Anti-slip innovation. Using this kind of hair barrette you can be sure that it won't slide down your hair all day through, it also won't damage your hair by pulling them in between two metal parts. Hair barrette is appropriate to wear at a cocktail party.


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Great item

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Super high quality barrette, adore it!