Your Guide to Winter Hair Accessories

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Your Guide to Winter Hair Accessories

Here are some Must-Have Hair Accessories To complement Your Winter Outfits


Winter is coming. Although it is not like that in the Game of Thrones. Yet the biggest concern of the women around the world is how to avoid looking like white walkers in the winter.

And what makes them look like white walkers? Well, those winter mornings when you wake up only to discover that your hair look like a complete mess. They are static, kinky, and curly all at the same time. 

And things get even more complicated when you know you have to leave for college or work, and there is very little time at your disposal to spend managing your hair.

Under such circumstances, many women decide to compromise on their looks by simply throwing hair into some random style and rush towards the door. We understand that being a woman, how difficult it is.

And that is why we have decided to help you by enlightening you with some of the best winter hair accessories that will come handy the next time you face such a situation. These hair accessories are ideal for all types of hair including long hair and short hair, and also thin and thick hair.

Eager to know? Let's not waste time anymore. 

1.    Winter Headband

Headbands have a long history of managing women's hair. However, every headband is not efficient enough to keep your hair in one place without compromising on style. 

Therefore, it is crucial to choose headbands that will do the trick for you in winter.  Such winter-specific headbands will ensure you can choose style with comfort and do not let winter ruin your look and, eventually, your mood.

Keeping in view the prerequisites of winter, Kosmart headband is the ultimate choice for your winter look. This headband offers all one can look for in a winter hairband.

winter headband

It comes in blue and white color, which are perfectly in line with winter. Whether it is a clear day of winter or it is snowing, this headband can be your best friend. And the best part is that this product is made of nickel-free hypoallergenic bioplastic, i.e., cellulose acetate coupled with hand encrusted Swarovski® crystals. 

winter headband

So, if you always looked for a hair accessory that could accompany you in your romantic winter date nights to business meetings, you know the answer now. Make sure you do not miss out on it. 

2.    Winter Hair Claw

Although hair claw clips are all-season hair accessories. However, those that are season-specific are always a good idea to complement your look. Moreover, no season should make you miss out on wearing your favorite hairstyle just because you cannot find a winter version.

To save you from this confusion, Kosmart crafts hand encrusted winter hair claws. Since winter hair claws are always in line with the winter wardrobe, we make sure that the color of hair claws fit in with any apparel you wear. 

These blue and white hair claws will add a prominent styling advantage to your personality. Made in France by the expert craftsmen, winter hair claws are chic, reliable, and affordable at the same time. Coated with Swarovski® crystals, all you need to do is get your hands on these hairclips and put them on, and they will do the rest of the magic. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

hair claw for winter

You can rock these hair claws when you want to showcase a put together winter look. These hair claws pair perfectly with all kinds of winter outfits. There is absolutely no need to be worried about allergies because this hair claw is made of bioplastic, which is entirely nickel-free and hypoallergenic. 

3.    Winter Hair Barrettes 

Hair barrettes are one of the most favorite hair accessories of women due to their versatility. If you are all set to welcome winter, having a collection of barrettes in your closet is always a good idea. 

All hair barrettes do the same job, but winter hair barrettes are ideal for rocking with wool and leather-made outfits. Winter comes with many festive events ranging from weddings, snow parties, to Christmas and new year. And you want to make sure you do not run out of style on any of the occasions.

And that is where this Kosmart winter barrette comes into play. Handcrafted with skin-friendly material that saves you from bothering about hypersensitivities. Winter hair barrette comes in a trendy winter-based combination of blue and white color to substantiate your look with style and elegance. 

winter hair barrette

These barrettes will also ensure that you do not find yourself wearing the same hair barrette as your friends. So, get ready to add a unique flair to your otherwise dull winter look and catch the people in awe. 

How to keep Healthy Hair in Winter?      

Now that you know how to keep your hair in style, let us share some secrets of keeping your hair healthy in the winter. As a matter of fact, winter goes really hard on hair, especially sensitive ones. Cold and harsh weather can render your hair dry due to dehydration that can result in dandruff and hair fall. Hence, if you want to maintain your healthy hair throughout the winter, the following tips can help you a great deal.   

1.     Limit Shampoo Usage

Although shampoo is known to cleanse your hair and make them all silky and smooth. However, the shampoo also eliminates natural oils from your scalp that are supposed to keep your hair soft and healthy. We do not ask you not to use shampoo at all, rather limit it to once or twice a week. This way, you will not lose the natural, necessary oils and minerals.

2.    Limit Hot Showers

We understand that there is nothing more soothing than a hot shower in winter. However, excessive use of hot water can seriously damage your hair and strip them off moisturizer. It is also not good for the skin. So, whenever you are going to take a shower, make sure the water is lukewarm, and you do not take a long bath.

3. Keep Moisturizing

The first thing that gets affected by cold is the moisture in your hair. Therefore, it is very crucial to keep the moisturizer levels in a healthy range. Treat your hair in winter by making the best use of moisturizing products. There are plenty of moisturizers available in the market to serve this purpose. 

4. Don't Skip the Conditioner

That's pretty obvious, right? But it is never a bad idea to remind. Conditioners keep your hair moisturized and provides other minerals as well that keep them soft and healthy throughout the winter. However, do not go for low-quality conditioners just because they cost less. Purchase a high-quality conditioner if you actually care for your hair. 

5. Avoid Heat Styling

Heat styling is one of the most popular and used methods to accord the hair. However, it can be disastrous for the hair, especially in winter. Instead, take caution and use natural ways to dry and style your hair. And if you must blow-dry, make sure you don't expose your hair to heat for a long time.  

6. Wear A Cap

The direct exposure of hair to the cold weather can result in two things. One in the hair fall and the other in headache. So, covering your hair with some hat or cap will protect you from both of these problems. It will also ensure that your body heat does not escape from your head, and you stay healthy by preserving your body temperature. 

7. Get A Humidifier

Another reason for the dryness of hair is the usage of heaters and radiators. Therefore, invest in a humidifier to ensure that the air in your bedroom does not fall short of humidity. Humidifiers are available in different sizes. You can purchase a small bedside humidifier if you do not want to spend a lot of money. 

8. Maintain Haircuts

We know that haircut is one of the most consistent parts of our monthly routines. However, it is easy to forget when many responsibilities surround you. However, experts are of the view that haircuts are vital to healthy hair because this way, you get rid of split ends and unnecessary burden. You can always set reminders so that you never skip haircuts.

9. Stay Hydrated

In winters, you don't feel thirsty, and as a result, your water intake drops quite low. But that is not a good omen for your hair and overall health. The general rule of thumb is that if your body is hydrated, your hair remain hydrated too. A dehydrated body does not support adequate hair growth. So, if you feel thirsty or not, make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water daily. 

10. Don't Hang Out with Wet Hair

Last but not least, it is never a good idea to go out with wet or damp hair in winter, no matter how hurry you are in. Because this way, you can end up making your hair more likely to fall. You can also catch a cold and fall sick. If you think you do not have enough time to dry your hair in the morning, consider washing your hair in the evening before going to bed. 


Do not let winter be your excuse for limited styling options or unhealthy hair. Instead, explore your fashion horizons by giving these comfy and high-quality hair accessories and health tips to continue enjoying fantastic hairstyles. Let the world know that no matter which season it is, your fashion sense is always on point. Complement your winter outfits with some amazing hairstyles using these winter-specific hair accessories, and you are all set to rock.

Got anything to add? Let us know in the comment section below. 






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