Kosmart new Collections 2017 Summer!

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Fruity Diamonds - Kosmart hair accessories collection dedicated to the joy of Summer! Luxury hair accessories line combines nude and coral colours to keep minimalistic style with a nude color, but at the same time add a spicy of summer with beautiful coral colour. All line is hand made in Lithuania and hand decorated with authentic Swarovski(R) crystals, which also sparkles with summer taste. 2 hand made barrettes and hair snap (click-clack) is made with real gold plated metal part, which is made in France to reduce any risk of allergies to metal and nickel.






Crystal Anatomy Science - new luxury collection of hair accessories. The collection was created in 2017 Summer. However, this collection is not seasonal, but rather to meet your individual style. Many years our customers were asking for precious look, luxury collection of hair accessories, however, we were more looking into affordable range of hair accessories, but we finally feel that we already fulliled our casual collection lines and we needed to come up with someting..occasional! We do understand that the style of this collection is not for everyone and it also is not for a daily wear, but rather for your special occasion or important evening. There are days that you want to be visible and noticed by everyone - if you have this day in your mind - you might find the hair accessory just right for you!

In this collection of hair accessories we included hair barrettes with the finest Swarovski(R) crystals with unique color combination, which beautifully correlates with the finest cellulose acetate plastic that we use. 

Larger size barrettes also feature real gold plated metal clip, which is made in France and keeps you away from risk of nickel or metal allergies.

Crystal Anatomy Science collection of hair accessories - for your special day!





Amber Dream collection of hair accessories were named by the famious material - Amber, which in other words are called "baltic gold". This hair accessories line was inspired be the beauty of amber material and even though our accessories are also manufactured from finest quality Italian hypoallergenic plastic (cellulose acetate), we managed to come up with very similar texture to the real amber.

Collection includes different size of simple hair barrettes and medium & large size bracelets. The largest size hair barrette already atracted attention of our loyal clients, because it can hold even the thickest, large volume hair - this barrette is the largest from Kosmart hair barrettes range.






Midnight Garden hair accessories collection was created in 2017 Spring/Summer. Our loyal customers of hair accessories always ask us to create something funny, but at the same time elegant, something that nowhere else can be seen - and that is quite a task. However, with our Midnight Garden collection we think that we might get one step closer to this goal. The artistic approach towards the inspiration of nature and wildlife gave us the collection of Moon Fox, Moonlight Apple, Night Bloom, Night Creature and other inhabitants of the Midnight Garden.

Enjoy and explore our 2017 Spring/Summer Collection of hair accessories!