Hair ornaments

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Maybe you are a fan of hair ornaments? If so, you will not find a better place to purchase one than KOSMART® - company rich not only in innovation, but in history as well. 


Our story began a half century ago in a small Italian village – Castiglione Olona Varese, where a hardworking Italian family decided that they want to run their own business and dedicate to the world of beauty. 


hair ornaments in italy


Step by step, day by day their business was expanding and they were inventors of many hair ornaments that are produced today by many different companies worldwide. At the peek of family business they were creating a private label hair ornaments for such companies like PRIMA CLASSE and FENDI. So maybe even without knowing it – you have one of these piece of art in your hair that are made by them!

Long and thin barrette from hair ornaments range

long hair barrette and ornaments


Classic style side hair combs 

side combs


Tortoise shell hair barrettes

hair ornaments


After almost half of the century, when retirement was close, they had to make a tough decision - either to close  the business or to find a young and enthusiastic family, who would be as excited about creating beauty in hair ornaments as they were. And thus we are – KOSMART® company of hair ornaments that is still run as family business like it was 50 years ago, but with young energy, new technological solutions and new partners like Swarovski®. KOSMART® hair ornaments at present is still manufactured in Europe, but now they are exported to more than 35 countries worldwide with the biggest export share to North America, Canada, Japan and Australia.

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