A Guide to Skin-Friendly Brooches and How to Use Them

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A Guide to Skin-Friendly Brooches and How to Use Them


It happens many times that we look at something, and it catches our eye in the first glance. And the object we are looking at doesn’t necessarily have to be big or awe-inspiring. Instead, cute, colorful and small objects also catch our attention within a millisecond and Brooches are one of those items. You just can’t help looking at them. 


Especially when they pair perfectly with the appearance and outfit of the wearer. Brooches are indeed magical because they know exactly how to grab the attention. Have you ever taken advantage of this fantastic yet little decorative accessory? If your answer is negative, your fashion statement is missing out on something really nice.


The good news is that Brooches are back! After a long break, the fashion industry is making way for this small beauty accessory. And there is a reason behind it. 


And the reason is that Brooches are one of the most versatile accessories you will ever come across. Do not underestimate them due to their size; their utility is much greater. Due to the versatility they offer, they complement any personal style.


However, if you are a newbie and hearing this name for the first time, no worries. Let us help you. 


So, What Are Brooches Anyways and Why Are People Excited About Them? 


Brooches basically belong to the family of decorative accessories. They are worn in a number of ways and combine with any dress. They give your dress a stylish and ceremonial look. If you see something small but shiny or vibrant attached to a suit by a pin, you can be sure that it is most probably a brooch. 


There was a time when brooches were only used to hold clothes together. Later they became a royal accessory, and only elites could afford them. However, that is not the case anymore. Nowadays, brooches enjoy the status of an exceptional decorative accessory in the fashion industry. 


Now that you know the brooches and are eager to get your hands on them, let us guide you to some unique brooches. The best part is all these handmade brooches are made of skin-friendly material. You can use them without worrying about catching skin allergy because they are completely nickel free. 


Following are some of the best brooches’ options at your disposal. Have a look.


1.    Animal Shaped Black Brooches with Swarovski Crystals


These are some of the most distinguished brooches you will find. They are moulded in different animals’ shapes using bioplastic. These brooches can instantly enhance the look of any dress. They are crafted by some of the best craftsmen in Europe. 


For example, look at this hedgehog shaped brooch star-studded by Swarovski crystals. When you attach it on your dress, hat or any other accessory, it will let people know your love for nature in general and hedgehogs in particular. Many people who have this animal as a pet also love this brooch to showcase their love for their little buddy. 

hedgehog brooch

brooch hedgehog


Although they are fashionable options, yet you can also use these animal-shaped brooches on many occasions like on animal safety-related conferences, seminars, or walks etc. that is like killing two birds with one stone. 


cat brooch

sea horse brooch

squirrel brooch

fish brooch


Make sure you make the best use out of them by contrasting them with your attire. They look best on a white shirt and other light colours. Their attachments are really easy to do and are also completely harmless. You can also use them to embellish the dresses of your kids. 


Small Size Ladybird Shape Brooch in Marlboro Red and Black


This neatly crafted red brooch should be your first choice when you want to add a vibrant flair to your attire. They grip the shirt firmly so that you do not have to worry about losing it. This ladybird shaped brooch is also studded with sparkly original Swarovski crystals which take its look to the next level.

ladybird pin brooch


It can be used against a background of multiple colors. They complement anything they get attached to, be it your shirt, hat, shoe or bag. You can also use this to match with your hair barrette or earrings. These are hypoallergenic, which means these are harmless for your skin. You can use this brooch on several occasions ranging from parties to adventures. 

ladybird brooch on model


Bow Shaped Brooch in White and Black


This one is a brooch that you can comfortably use for semi-formal to formal events. This black and white bow-shaped brooch is pretty elegant and gives your look a new accent. Designed by artists in beautiful shape, and decorated with black, yellow, red and blue original Swarovski crystals, this brooch is one of a kind. 

bow shape brooch pin



The best part of grabbing Bow Shaped Brooch is that you can use it with a wide range of dresses. It is undoubtedly going to turn some heads wherever you go. This brooch is also made of skin-friendly bio-plastic. That means you have two-fold confidence while wearing it. Rock on!

brooch bow on model



Round Shape Brooch in Transparent Green


Round shape brooch is a state-of-the-art decoration for your attire. The choice of transparent green for this brooch takes things to perfection. Ideal for matching with both the formal and informal outfits, this brooch comes studded with eye-grabbing crystals from the collection of Swarovski. These crystals are pasted in such an elegant symmetry that people can’t help loving it. These round brooches are an ideal way to showcase your style.


green brooch pin

green brooch pin on model



There are three different brooches in this range. The transparent glass is the same, but the arrangement of Swarovski crystals is varied to match your style. Also, even though they are made with expensive hypoallergenic material and Swarovski crystals, this brooch is quite pocket-friendly. You won’t have to break the bank. 


fly brooch pin

dragonfly brooch




Now that you know some of the best brooches out there, let us help you in the usage of these brooches as well. 


How to make the best use of brooches? 


Unlike common belief, brooches are not meant for dresses only. They are such an amazing accessory that whatever you stick them with, they will instantly enhance the charm. However, one thing you must keep in mind before purchasing any brooch is that it must be skin-friendly. It means that the brooch must be made of hypoallergenic material so that your skin doesn’t get any allergy. 


Following are the ways you can utilize your brooches to stylize your looks.  


1.    On the Outfit


This one is pretty obvious as outfits are the most common place for brooches. Brooches look best when they are on display against a matching or contrast background. Let them shine on your coat, blazer, frock or other dress of your choice. You can pin the brooch on the chest, below the bust, parallel to your waistline and also on the neckline’s ‘v’. You can always experiment with your creative ideas. Wearing them with denim jackets is also a great way to dress up your jacket.


2.    On the Hat


Yup, hats look super cool when brooches do their magic on them. Hats have always been a favourite accessory, especially in winters. But simple hats do not offer the look that a decorative hat does. And brooches help you do exactly that. You can add single or multiple brooches for an instantaneous style. 


3.    On the Bag/Clutch


Who says jazzing up your boring bag is not possible? Well, when brooches are around, anything is possible. Do not let the versatility of brooches go waste. Let your bag also pronounce your fashion statement by attaching some sparkly brooches to that. 


4.    On Your Shoes


Yup, brooches are good enough to transform your shoes as well. You can always make your shoes look like designer shoes by pinning two similar or even different brooches. This will introduce your pumps with that popular high street style. Aren’t brooches enchanting?


5.    On the Scarf


Scarves usually need pins to hold them at one place. And those pins are very simple with no styling element. Brooches are the perfect replacement for the same old boring pins. Also, most of the pins are made of nickel which is not a skin-friendly metal. Whereas, these brooches are made explicitly by bioplastic to ensure skin safety. Pinning the brooch to secure your scarf at one place means you have glamour and functionality both at your disposal at a time.


6.    Around the Neckline


Do you often feel something is lacking while wearing a simple shirt? Brooches are there to fix this. Brooches can turn your simple shirt into a trendy one. All you need to do is add a brooch around the neckline and BOOM; you have your instant transformation.  


7.    As Cuff-Links


Is there anything that brooches can’t do, huh? If you are bored with your cuff-links or just want to bring a change, use brooches instead of cuff-links to tie your cuffs. They not only look more stylish than cuff-links but also do a better job tying up the cough than the latter. Isn’t that amazing? 


8.    On Your Pants/Skirt


If brooches can look good on all the accessories mentioned above, why not pants? Brooches look really trendy when attached to pants and give you the look of an adventurous person. You can always add a pair of brooches just above the pockets of your pants to make things a lot more interesting.


9.    In Your Hair


It does not mean that brooches are giving hair clips and barrettes some sort of competition. They simply complement them and your hairdo. You can add a decorative brooch to your party updo to usher a vibrant vibe to your unique hairstyle.


10.  On Your Necklace 


Finally, pairing skin-friendly brooches with your necklace is an out of the box solution for you. You can instantly glamourize your jeweler by using this unique styling element. Just imagine, your favorite little brooch on your favorite necklace. That’s going to be a lit combo. No kidding!


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