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Your best business partner for business with hair accessories – KOSMART®. Retail was never easy – each century, each decade had its own struggles, barriers and challenges. It applies to all retail products – either its mass market or niche products. But success in retail had always one thing in common – it was extremely important to have a good source of products you are selling. A good source – reliable, ones who understand what good quality means and of course – the one, who allows a reasonable margin. We believe that KOSMART® factory of hair accessories carries all of these features!


Retail is changing faster than ever before – Amazon is monopolizing online business, salaries, rents are growing up faster than turnover, competition becomes more intense every day – thus you have to find the source of best hair accessories, this is the only way to stay in this hard segment alive. And KOSMART® is ready to help you! Here are some key facts, why you should choose us to be your partner of wholesale hair accessories:

  • We are direct producer of hair accessories, so we can give you best and most competitive wholesale price for hair accessories

  • We have our own design team to develop new collection of hair accessories every month – that is why you will always be first in fashion world to introduce something new and what is on the trend Today

  • We are producing our hair accessories in Europe, where strict requirements for quality of products applies – thus you will always be sure that products that you are selling complies with FDA or EU legislations (for example nickel directive)

  • We are partners famous leaders in beauty fashion world – like Swarovski® - thus you will not only get hair accessories decorated with authentic rhinestones, but at the same time you will get brand support to distinguish your product from other

  • We are able to give you a ready made wholesale brand of hair accessories KOSMART® or we can create you own private label – this means to help you developing packaging, styles, catalogs, online store, displays, leaflets, merchandising material – and fulfill all other needs you may require in creating your own brand

  • Our product line of hair accessories consist following product groups: hair barrettes, hair clips, headbands, ponytail holders, hair jaw clips, hair sticks and pins, banana clips, bun covers, brooches, rings, bracelets and all kind of other hair and fashion accessories

  • We have 2 production lines – luxury handmade and cheap machine made. Thus we can supply you wholesale prices for both segments – luxury and mass market.

  • We don’t require (MOQ) big minimum order quantities – we fully aware that its difficult to buy large quantities of products at the beginning of your business and were are here to help – make a trial order of as little as 10 items to see your business opportunities.


Hopefully we gave you enough facts to convince you that we are the right wholesale business partner in hair accessories segment and if not – just drop us a message and we will seal the deal!

And here are some moments from the manufacturing of hair accessories process that we are doing for your!

wholesale manufacturing hair accessories

wholesale manufacturing hair accessories

wholesale manufacturing hair accessories

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