Hair clip without metal parts - good or bad?

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Hair barrettes and clips without metal parts – good or bad ?


Many of us have a certain stereotypes and clichés about certain things. And one of them is about the materials of the products. Everything that is made of steel will always be more durable to compare the ones made from plastic – yes ? And the answer is no!


Durability depends on so many factors that we can’t speak about the product or material without mentioning the context or a product – hair clip – in our situation. So, if you need something that you want to go into space with, like Elon Musk  wants – steel is the perfect option, it is light, tough, resistant to heat or cold. However, we are talking about hair clips that you want to be light, flexible, hold your hair tight all day long, but at the same time don’t damage your hair follicle (trapped in between 2 metals) – is a steel best option for such kind of hair clip? 

Picture of metal free hair clip teeth

metal free hair clip teeth


KOSMART® currently produces 2 sizes of completely metal free hair clips.  1 small option and 1 medium size option. These clips are very flexible, thus with a small clip you can grip rather large hair volume and medium size hair barrette can hold thin hair ponytail well, because it is really flexible and adapts to the volume of hair that you have.  The clips are made of cellulose acetate – the bio plastic material that when immersed for,example,in your nail polish remover – would dissolve in hours – can you imagine how much it’s easier to cope with for our mother earth ?

Small vs. medium size hair clips and hair barrette

small hair metal free hair clip medium size metal free hair barrette

Picture of bio plastic used for hair clips

bio plastic of hair clips

Video how bio plastic used for hair clips is made


Another important notice about metal free hair clips are allergies to metals. Many of us already have certain allergies for different kinds of metal compositions, especially for nickel (ones who don’t – might be developing it now if are using tools or products that have big % of nickel inside). And you know what – our metal free hair clips have 0 % metal composition inside and these clips can be used by people who already have allergies from all sort of metals.


And last, but not the least advantage of metal free clips is weight. Did you ever face situation when during the day you had to fix your hair clip 1, 2, 3 or more times ? And it happened during your important business meeting or maybe its happening all day through and you are sick tired of fixing your loosen up hair clip ?  Our metal free hair clips weights as little as 5 grams that is 0,17 ounces! The lightness of these clips helps them to stay at the place of hair they are fixed all day long together with a help of soft plastic teeth that grips your hair without damaging them.

Model wearing small size metal free hair clip in Tokyo acetate

metal free hair clip metal free hair clip model model wearing metal free clip


We don’t tell you that metal free clips are panacea that will make your life looking as it was Eden, its has its limitations in design, size as we all have, however if you didn’t try metal free hair clip yet, that is really a time to try one and feel how comfortable and simple life can become if you have one of them!




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